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With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, Denver's park system connects people throughout the city with the great outdoors. Denver parks are an intersection of nature and urban environments; of historical design and innovation; of public and private partnerships; and of arts and culture.

The park system serves the city's diverse neighborhoods with expansive open green spaces, pocket parks, tree-lined streets, historic parkways and regional trails. 

Denver Parks & Recreation operates two bike parks:

  • Ruby Hill Park
  • Trestle Skills Course at Barnum North

Learn more about Denver Bike Parks.

A big thank-you to our partners, Winter Park Resort and the Walton Family Foundation for helping us bring these recreational amenities to Denver!

Disc Golf courses are located at:

  • 42nd & Libson Park
  • Paco Sanchez Park

Drinking fountains are activated in early May and kept on until early October. Decorative and interactive play fountains are turned on in late May, usually around Memorial Day, once the threat of frost has passed. Interactive play fountains operate daily from 11:00am – 7:00pm. 


Decorative Fountains will be turned on beginning the week of May 21, with all fountains operational by May 29, pending delays from unexpected maintenance. All fountains are scheduled to be operational by May 29 with the exception of Hungarian Freedom Fountain which will not function due to major structureal repairs needed. 

The opening of Drago Interactive Fountain will be delayed due to maintenance. Pelican Lake has been removed from service by Arts & Venues due to operational issues.

May 30 - June 1, 2018: Fountain Closure! The H2Odyssey interactive play-fountain in City Park is CLOSED today & tomorrow due to necessary pipe repairs. Apologies for the inconvenience & thanks for your patience!

Denver Mountain Parks make up a cohesive system of significant lands connected by watersheds, forests, sensitive ecosystems, trails, and scenic drives. Each park has its own distinct character, but the system as a whole shares an audience, uses, geography, character, and historic integrity. Learn more.

Areas designated for skateboarding can be found at the following parks:

  • Elyria
  • Parkfield
  • Town Center
  • Greenway
  • Denver Skate Park

A slackline course with varying degrees of difficulty is located at Harvard Gulch Park (between recreation center and golf course).

Tennis Courts 

Denver Parks & Recreation currently maintains 124 tennis courts at 30 park locations – 13 of these locations have lighted courts.  Court lights are operational from 5:00-11:00PM from March through October,

Locations marked below with an asterisk (*) have court lights operational throughout the winter (November through February) from 4:00-9:00PM.  Lighted tennis courts are located at:

  • Bear Valley Park 
  • Berkeley Lake Park * (lights not operational until March 2018 due to repair construction)
  • Bible Park *
  • City Park *
  • Congress Park
  • Garland Park
  • Greenway Park
  • Henry S Lindsley Park
  • Lowry Sports Complex
  • Parkfield*
  • Rosamond Park
  • Sloan’s Lake Park (north courts)
  • Washington Park *

Current court repair/replacement projects:

Berkeley Lake Park (south courts) | Jan.-June 2018
four (4) new tennis courts. North courts will remain open and playable through this construction period, however the court lights will not be operational through March.

Eisenhower Park | Jan.-June 2018
three (3) new tennis courts and four (4) new pickleball courts

Huston Lake Park | Jan.-June 2018
three (3) new tennis courts and four (4) new pickleball courts. 

Pickleball Courts

Denver Parks & Recreation currently maintains 12 pickleball courts at 3 park locations – no pickleball courts are lighted.  Pickleball courts are located at:

PICKLEBALL is a fun game that is a cross between tennis and ping-pong. The game is easy for beginners to learn but can be a fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players as well.

There are also several indoor courts in various recreation centers:

Indoor pickleball courts:

All courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t forget your paddle! Parks and recreation centers do not provide paddles.


The Outdoor Downtown

Brings dynamic activities, events & other programming to outdoor spaces throughout Downtown Denver.

NOTICE: Overland Park Golf Course Closure

Tuesday, Sept. 4 - mid. October 2018:

The Overland Park Golf Course will close to the public for setup of the Grandoozy music festival. The closure is anticipated to last approx. 5 weeks for turf restoration. Re-opening date is TBA. 

View the neighborhood FAQs (PDF)