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The mission of Denver Park Rangers is to maximize public safety, protect park resources and provide service to visitors. Rangers patrol by foot, bicycle and vehicle, assisting local law enforcement and fire department in the event of an emergency or hazardous situation. Rangers are trained in public contact techniques, CPR, first-aid and rescue techniques.

Denver's Fishing is Fun! Program

Denver's Park Rangers provide fun, family-oriented opportunities to learn about fishing, meet new people, and enjoy Denver’s parks. Each event is education-based and provides information about fish and fishing ethics, skills, safety, water ecosystems and environmental stewardship. 

Fishing is Fun is BACK for 2018! View the schedule!

Fishing Programs

Each event is a free drop-in education-based program, providing information about fish and fishing ethics, skills, safety, water ecosystems and environmental stewardship. This program utilizes traditional “Push button” spin-cast and spinning rods/ reels along with live bait and artificial plastics geared toward those who want to start a love of fishing.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Explore fly fishing basics! Designed for ages 15+.

Each June and July, the Denver Fishing Program partners with Denver Recreation Centers to get kids fishing.

At no expense to participants, fishing rods will be provided for use day of and transportation will be provided from the recreation center to a nearby lake if the program will be held at another location.

Ages 7 and up including parents are welcome to attend (16+ needs to have a fishing license to fish). 

Check the schedule!


If you would like to schedule a private event with the Denver Fishing is Fun! program, please email us at

Must be a not for profit event in order to qualify.  All programming must maintain a free status.

Do you love to fish and teach your passion?  Volunteer with us and help share the joy of fishing with Denver’s residents and visitors during any of our public and private programs.

To volunteer with the Denver Fishing is Fun! program register and log-on to, then click on the General Application link at the bottom of the page.


1. Dogs and pets must be on leash and under physical control at all times.

2. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly.

3. No alcoholic beverages or public consumption of alcohol (only 3.2 beer is allowed).

4. No use or display of marijuana or use of illegal drugs.

5. No glass bottles or any glass containers allowed in parks.

6. No littering. Use trash cans and dumpsters or pack it out.

7. No weapons, firearms, or fireworks.

8. Disturbing the peace, including loud music or sound, is prohibited.

9. The sale of goods and services requires a Parks and Recreation Permit.

10. No overnight camping, tents, enclosures, or other unpermitted structures such as air castles, pools, or water slides.

11. Motorized vehicles allowed only on roads and in parking areas.

12. Large gatherings normally require a permit. To reserve a permit site call Denver Parks and Recreation Permit Office at (720) 913-0700

13. Do not attach anything to trees or structures.

14. Removal or damage to plants or structures is prohibited.

15. Fires and coals are allowed in grills only. Grills must be least 12 inches off the ground.

16. Thoroughly extinguish all charcoals, dispose of properly or pack it out.

17. No feeding or disturbing wildlife. A license is required for fishing.

18. No boating without a permit. Safety equipment is required including a personal flotation device.

19. No swimming is allowed except in swimming pools.

20. Swimming or wading in fountains is prohibited.

21. Rock climbing and off-trail use is prohibited at Red Rocks and Summit Lake Parks.

A full copy of the Department of Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations is available here.  Violators of park rules and regulations are subject to fines and eviction from the park.

The Volunteer Courtesy Patrol was created in 2011 by the Denver Parks and Recreation Ranger Program with help from BikeDenver, and is comprised of over 100 volunteers who are excited about helping their community.  Volunteers model good behavior for others, provide information to park and trail visitors including information about safety, provide mechanical and medical assistance as needed, report maintenance issues, and provide extra eyes and ears for the Denver Rangers.  They currently patrol Denver’s most visited areas including the Cherry Creek Trail, the South Platte River Trail, Washington Park, City Park, Cheesman Park, Bear Creek Park/Trail, and High Line Canal Trail.  More information on the Volunteer Page.

City Parks are closed from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. No access is allowed during these times except on through roads or trails. Mountain Parks are closed one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. Permitted activities or events may be allowed after curfew

The Park Ranger program provides:

  • Enhancement of public safety through proactive visitor contacts
  • Enforcement of Park Rules and Regulations  
  • Daily patrol and monitoring of the urban and mountain parks 
  • Protection of park resources and facilities
  • Customer service related to park permits and events
  • Emergency response and visitor assistance
  • Maintenance activities to keep parks safe and clean 
  • Administration of the citywide boating program   
  • Outreach and environmental education