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Completed Plans

Babi Yar Park rendering

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2009 Master Plan

Babi Yar Park Improvements

Click Here to view the concept plan presented at the public meeting on December 03, 2009. 

Barnum Park 2010 Master Plan

Better Denver Bond Projects:
Barnum Park Pool and Splash Pad
Barnum North Irrigation
Barnum Park South Irrigation and Walks

Benedict Fountain Park Improvements

February 9, 2009 Public Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2010 Presentation display boards 
February 15, 2012 Meeting NotesPresentation (from Powerpoint)

2006 Berkeley Lake Park Master Plan

Read full details here.
Berkeley Park Concept Site Plan 
Map: Berkeley Park Master Plan

Summer 2012:
Berkeley Park Concept Site Plan 

Better Denver Bond Projects:
New Restrooms
Berkeley Lake Shoreline Improvements
Restroom rehabilitation
Berkeley Park Irrigation

Cesar Chavez Park Improvements

In conjunction with the Tennyson Street Improvements, Chavez Park will be receiving much needed park improvements with a focus on better access between the park and surrounding community.

Contact DPR project manager Greg Cieciek at 720.913.0622 or at

Concept Diagram

 Conceptual Plan


 Section A

 Section B

 Site Images

 Survey Results



 Field Reports



 August 29, 2012



Cheesman Park Trails Schematic Design
Based on public input from an open house held in February 2009 and several follow-up meetings with neighborhood groups, the schematic design for an improved system of park trails is complete and ready for implementation through the Better Denver Bond. See schematic design pdf here.

Cheesman Park Master Plan

Better Denver Bond Projects:
Cheesman Pavilion Roof Repair
Cheesman Irrigation (Phases 1A & 1B)
Cheesman Transportation Improvements (Phase 2)
Cheesman Pavilion Restoration

2001 City Park Master Plan

City Park is the largest and most notable park in Denver. The park contains the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Ferril and Duck Lakes and a boathouse. It encompasses 320 acres of developed parkland.

    Revitalizing the Legacy of City Park    
    Park Facts
    5280 Trail Alignment
    Arboretum Brochure 
    City Park Circulation Master Plan


Better Denver Bond Projects

City Park Duck Lake Improvements
City Park New Restroom
Tennis court renovations
City Park Greenhouse Rehabilitation
Golf, 1
st Tee Walk
City Park Bandstand Renovation
Restroom rehabilitation
City Park, 3 Irrigation Projects
City Park Electric Fountain Rehabilitation


2005 Civic Center Park Master Plan

Civic Center
Civic Center Park located in the heart of downtown is under going an extensive renovation, thanks to the voters of Denver and the Better Denver Bond Program. This $4.4 million project, with the completion scheduled for mid-June 2010, includes restoring the Greek Amphitheater, Voorhies Memorial and historic balustrade. To find out more about the restoration timeline, click here.

Better Denver Bond Projects:
Civic Center Greek Theater & Voorhies Memorial Restoration
Civic Center Ballustrade Restoration
Civic Center Broadway Terrace Restoration

Confluence Park is Denver’s most notable cultural, historic and natural resource in the downtown area.  Over 150 years ago with the discovery of gold, the city was founded at this location where the South Platte River and Cherry Creek converge in the Central Platte Valley.  The face of the confluence has changed considerably over time as adjacent land uses changed from the original mining settlements to industrial dumpsites.  In 1974, the City County of Denver and The Greenway Foundation formed a valuable public-private partnership to reclaim the South Platte River from a place of abuse and abandonment to a recreational and environmental amenity.  The area now known as Confluence Park was the first and highest priority of the partnership to reclaim and revitalize it as a vibrant and inspiring place for Denver and its citizens.  The park is the heart of an extensive 850-mile bike trail network throughout the Denver metropolitan area; and is surrounded by regional attractions, such as the REI Flagship store, Platte River Trolley, Elitch Gardens and the Downtown Aquarium.  The park’s points provide many opportunities for people to enjoy summer concerts, picnic, relax on the “beach” and experience the best whitewater kayaking course along the South Platte River.

Since the dedication in September 1975, Confluence Park has evolved with a number of additional improvements and enhancements, the latest of which will be the reconstruction of Shoemaker Plaza and the South Platte River Trail access.

Confluence Park Master Plan
Confluence Park Master Plan- Executive Summary

Genesee Park Improvement Plan

The purpose of this plan is to define appropriate uses for these properties, which will be based on a natural resource and facilities assessment, interviews with stakeholders and other efforts to understand visitor needs. The result will be an integrated trails and park improvements plan, which will include sustainable strategies for long term management of natural resources and visitor use.

The plan is intended to create an overall vision for the future of recreation and preservation for the Genesee Park and Katherine L. Craig Tract properties. Furthermore, this plan will identify standards, prioritize projects, and refine strategies for implementing and monitoring this vision.

Genesee Final Plan 

July 26, 2012: Public Meeting #1, Site Assessment Plan

Existing Conditions / Site Assessment Boards:

Challenge Course  
Day Use Areas  
Genesee Exit  
Genesee Mountain Flagpole  
Genesee Mountain Group Use  
Chief Hosa Campground and Lodge  
Chief Hosa North Campground  
Katherine L. Craig Tract  
Overall Facilities Map  
Overall Facilites Key Map  
Patrick House Map  
Visitor Survey  
Welcome Board

Public Meeting #2, Program Concept Alternatives

Genesee Vision and Goals
Project Program - Overall Site
Genesee Program - Sites
Natural Resources

April 10, 2013: Public Meeting #3, Preferred Concept

Johnson Habitat Park opened on June 1, 2015

Located on the west side of the South Platte River near Alameda Avenue and Jason Street,Johnson-Habitat Park is a premier environmental education and play experience that includes an outdoor classroom, climbing platforms, rock sculptures, sand play and supervised camping for youth-focused nonprofit programs.  It also comprises a signature concrete jetty, stone amphitheater and fire pit (by permit only) along the river’s edge, as well as enhancements to the South Platte River Trail including an expanded bike path and soft surface pedestrian trail.

Johnson Habitat Park is scheduled to open in June 2015!

jetty amphitheater under construction

jetty amphitheater under construction

jetty amphitheater at the park

outdoor classroom setup

view of the park from overlook

Re-Imagine Play at Paco Sanchez Park

Better Denver Bond Program:
Paco Sanchez Irrigation*

Parkfield Lake Master Plan
In anticipation of upcoming Better Denver Bond construction, the Parkfield Lake Master Plan has been updated with a focus on active recreation.  The program includes football, soccer and baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts as well as a large play and skate area and many family gathering spaces.  Construction of these master plan updates is scheduled to begin in fall 2009.  The park will be open to the public in spring of 2011. For questions please contact the DPR project manager Britta Herwig at 720.913.0614 or at

Better Denver Bond Program:
Parkfield Park Development Phase II

River Vision Implementation Plan (RVIP)

Part 1    - Part 2 

Confluence Park
   -Community Input
   -Plans and Sketches
   -Park Use Areas

Grant Frontier Park
   -Rendering 1
   -Rendering 2

Sun Valley Community Park
   -Master Plan (Plan View)

   -News Release, 1/19/2012

The Ruby Hill Master Plan Phase II is a two part project.  The first part will be to develop a 60% plan set for the entire park.  The scope of Part 1 will include pedestrian circulation, multi-use path circulation, vehicle circulation and parking for large events, and the addition of an outdoor amphitheater within the park.  The scope of Part 2 concentrates on the implementation of the master plan for the upper area and will include the playground partially completed in Phase I, an outdoor activities area with volleyball and basketball courts, a skate skills area, and a new spray pad. Further improvements to the paths and connections to the proposed trails system through the entire park are also part of this scope. Construction will begin in January of 2014.

2008 Ruby Hill Park Master Plan
2008 Ruby Hill Schematic Design Booklet
Phase II Concept Plans
Ruby Hill Bike Park Concepts

A commitment to te South Platte River's future made by Mayor Wellington Web in the early 1990s led to the creation of the Mayor's SOuth Platte RIver Commission in 1995. The work of the Commission and city staff resulted in hundreds of new acres of new and improved park lands, major improvements to the historic greenway trail system, enhanced wildlife habitat along the river and numerous in-stream improvements designed to make the river healthier and more friendly to recreational users. 

2000 South Platte River Corridor Master Plan

Completing the Vision (2012 update)


River South Greenway

The River South Greenway Master Plan is a park, recreation and open space plan that sets a vision for the South Platte River and creates development, financial and regulatory guidelines for parkland along the River between 20th Street to the Denver-Englewood/Sheridan city limits on the south.

2010 River South Greenway Master Plan

    - Introduction and Chapter 1

    - Chapter 2
    - Chapter 3
    - Chapter 4
    - Appendix

The River South Greenway Master Plan is a park, recreation and open space plan that sets a vision for the South Platte River and creates development, financial and regulatory guidelines for parkland along the River between 20th Street to the Denver-Englewood/Sheridan city limits on the south.


River North Greenway Master Plan

River North Greenway Master Plan Adopted (RINO)
RINO Master Plan (Final)

2002 Sloan's Lake Master Plan

Sloan's Lake Pump and Marina Master Plan
See master plan here.

Sloan’s Lake Marina Improvements
Sloan’s Lake North and GVR East Playground Equipment Replacement 
Tennis court renovations
Sloan's Lake Park NW Parking Improvements

Better Denver Bond:
New restroom

2011 Washington Park Master Plan

Loop Road Safety

Denver Parks & Recreation is in the planning process for the Washington Park “Loop Road.” The goal of this planning process is to make loop road recommendations leading to a safer, more enjoyable amenity within the park. 

Public input process complete: View final recommendations

DPR’s approach was to invite the public to three phases of planning: 
1) Data gathering
2) Analysis and develop alternatives
3) Future recommendations


Southeast Entry Improvements

Overview: design for the southeast park access improvements. These improvements will be located at the primary access location at Louisiana Avenue and Franklin Street and at the secondary access location at Louisiana Avenue and Gilpin Street. 

Washington Park Southeast Entry -  Entry Wall Column Details 
Washington Park Southeast Entry -  Entry Wall Site Plan


Diagonal Improvements

Overview: master planning and design for the diagonal area. (The diagonal area is the area adjacent to the diagonal road located on the south side of the Great Meadow and on the north side of Grassmere Lake; this area includes the playground, picnic area, tennis & basketbal courts, diagonal road and parking areas.)

August 8, 2011: Public Meeting #1
Presentation | Minutes

August 30, 2011: Public Meeting #2
Presentation | Minutes

September 20, 2011: Public Meeting #3
Presentation | Minutes

Washington Park Diagonal Area Plan
Washington Park Diagonal Concept Visualization Plan

Preliminary concept plans for the design of a NEW neighborhood park at the corner of West Alameda Avenue and South Newton Street.

Westwood NP Public Meetiing #1_Summary
Westwood NP Public Meetiing #2_Summary
Westwood NP_Public_Meeting #3_Summary

Meeting Board #1
Meeting Board #2
Meeting Board #3
Meeting Board #4