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for a Healthy City

What is Game Plan?

Game Plan for a Healthy City is Denver Parks & Recreation’s (DPR) vision for creating parks, gathering places, activities and more that are easily accessible, well-maintained and equitable in every neighborhood.


Game Plan's Mission

Game Plan projects are focused on adapting to the community’s needs, connecting people to each other through nature and culture, creating diverse spaces, supporting the growth of Denver’s community and fairly reinvesting funds. Click below to learn more about the purpose behind our projects. Learn more about our current and upcoming park projects here.

  • Adapt to the changing climate and limited resources to maintain Denver Parks & Recreation spaces and services for generations.
  • Protect the culture and nature that is uniquely Denver to ensure it’s accessible for generations to come.
  • Seek to create parks and recreation services that embrace Denver’s uniqueness through programming, outreach and communications.
  • Utilize existing and new resources for funding, partnerships and collaboration that is focused on equity throughout Denver.
  • Expand Denver Parks & Recreation to meet Denver’s growth and evolving community.

Find your fun! Visit a park or recreation center near you.


Denver Parks & Recreation

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