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Denver Parks & Recreation Investment Framework


April 29, 2019: Read the 2A Five-Year Plan (PDF)

Thanks to Denver voters who passed the 2018 Ballot Measure 2A: Parks & Open Space Sales Tax, a 0.25% sales tax has been dedicated to the improvement and expansion of Denver Parks, allowing implementation of Game Plan for a Healthy City to begin!

The additional tax funds, combined with existing city general funding, will create new opportunities to realize the Game Plan's goals and leave a rich legacy of green space for future generations.  

Denver Parks & Recreation's investment framework will guide funds to better maintain and extend our parks and recreation system, including addressing deferred maintenance for both parks and facilities; and investing in land acquisition, planning, recreation, signature projects and resiliency initiatives.

Healthy City, Healthy People

A key principle of the Game Plan, equity will be a main focus that guides plans for 2A funds, along with partnership, sustainability, accountability and transparency. 

Building a healthy city includes adapting to climate change, enhancing biodiversity and improving stewardship of our resources— ensuring the health of residents by increasing access to open space and expanding outdoor recreation opportunities.

A City in a Park

Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) has inherited an extraordinary legacy of green space, including many of our historic parks, civic spaces, parkway system, trails and mountain parks. Mayor Speer's vision to bring the City Beautiful movement to Denver has resulted in the mature landscapes that Denverites enjoy more than 100 years later. With the passage of 2A, DPR now has the opportunity to extend this legacy in new ways, guided by the Game Plan for a Healthy City.

Maintaining & Expanding Our Legacy

Maintenance priorities: 

  • Catch-up on deferred maintenance
  • Bring all parks up to current standards
  • Keep up with maintenance standards

Extension priorities:

  • Expand access & opportunities for all residents
  • Plan for future growth
  • Leave a legacy of parks & green space for future generations

Short-term focus areas:

  • Projects that can expand scope
  • Acquisition
  • Neighborhood parks refresh
  • Capital equipment + materials purchasing

Project Origination & Prioritization:

  • Equity
  • Expanded scope options
  • Kids & seniors
  • Partnerships
  • Geographic distributions
  • Alignment with Game Plan for a Healthy City
  • Unfunded master plans
  • Previous CIP requests

6-Year Plan Development Timeline & Investment Framework

In response to outreach for Game Plan, Elevate Denver & other master planning efforts, a 6-year investment framework has been developed to reflect communities' priorities for parks and open space. 

FAQ: Six-year Capital Improvement Plan

The 2020-2025 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a comprehensive document to guide annual capital budgeting and decision-making, as well as highlight initiatives outside of the annual CIP capacity that may need other funding strategies. It will follow the goals set forth in Denveright and Comprehensive Plan 2040, aligning future capital investments with the vision identified by thousands of Denverites over the past two years. It is also being coordinated with Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) development of a plan for the new funding approved by voters in 2018. Please provide your ideas for needed infrastructure improvements as the Denver grows!

City Buildings (libraries, police stations, and rec centers), Transportation and Mobility, Parks and Trails, Waterways. Water Quality, and Public Art and Performing Arts Venue

A project undertaken to build, develop, or improve capital assets. Such capital projects shall include the direct costs for planning, designing, and engineering. Examples include constructing a new building, creating internally developed software, making a major addition to an existing structure, and expanding a roadway.


Denveright is a current community-driven planning process to help shape the future of our city in land use, mobility, parks and recreational resources over the next 20 years. The Six Year Plan will be comprised only of city infrastructure projects that can be constructed in the next six years. Public input from the Denveright initiative will be considered when evaluating potential projects for the Six Year Plan.

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