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City Park Master Plan Update

Why update the City Park Master Plan?
The existing City Park Master Plan, Revitalizing the Legacy of City Park, was completed in 2001 and has provided guidance on park projects for more than 15 years. Over that time, the neighborhood has changed and additional park studies have been conducted, prompting the 2017 master plan update initiative which will:

  • Be an inclusive and transparent planning process guided by community and partner input
  • Identify and meet the needs of a growing and diverse population
  • Create positive connections between City Park, its institutions, and neighborhoods
  • Build on the legacy as a city-wide park while celebrating its history
  • Create a sense of stewardship for all users

The project is funded by Denver Parks and Recreation and a Historical Fund Grant from History Colorado, with contributions from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science; the Denver Zoo; Historic Denver; City Park Alliance; City Park Friends & Neighbors; and dozens of individual donors.

Since 2001, more than $60 million has been invested in City Park, implementing many of the 2001 Master Plan recommendations, including:

  • Restoring sculptures and fountains
  • Improving conditions at Ferril Lake and Duck Lake
  • Working with institutions in the park to create parking solutions

The following map illustrates investments made in the last 15 years and highlights 2001 Master Plan recommendations that have been implemented. 

View larger map

The following illustrates the anticipated schedule for the master plan process. Please stay tuned for public meeting dates and times.

At key milestones there will be additional opportunities for input through stakeholder working group meetings, online surveys and events at the park. Please send an email to to sign up to receive project updates. 


  • An inclusive and transparent planning process guided by community and partner input.
  • A shared vision for the park that identifies current and future needs and provides a framework to manage the park’s evolution while honoring its historic character.

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Please help the master planning process by telling us about yourself, your connection to City Park and what you love about it!

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To receive project updates, please send an email to

Public Open House 1 
Tuesday, May 30 | 5:00-7:00PM
City Park Pavilion | 1700 N. York St.