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Denver Parks & Recreation operates 14 indoor and 16 outdoor swimming pools, offering numerous aquatic activities for youth, adults, seniors and persons with disabilities. Enjoy open and lap swim, aqua-fitness classes, swim lessons and private instruction for every age and level of ability. An indoor therapy is located at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center

Denver Parks & Recreation Swimming Pool Rules

  • Lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules and regulations and to respond to emergencies.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the actions and behaviors of their children.
  • Children 5 years and under must be directly supervised in the pool, WITHIN ARMS REACH AT ALL TIMES, by a responsible parent or guardian.
  • Children 6&7 years old must be accompanied by a responsible individual 12 years or older in the pool area at all times.
  • Children 8 years and older may swim without a parent or guardian present.
  • Proper swim wear is required – No jeans or cut offs. No street clothes. No undergarments.
  • Showers are required before entry into the pool, in accordance with Colorado State Health Codes.
  •  No running, pushing, wrestling or rough play in locker rooms, showers, or pool area.
  • Diving in designated areas only.
  •  Water wings and inner tubes, are not allowed. Swim equipment and toys are permissible at the discretion of management.
  • Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed when directly supervised by a parent or guardian within arm’s reach.
  • A swimming ability test may be required before entering the deep water.
  • Swim diapers or plastic pants are required for participants who are diaper dependent. Diaper changing on or around the pool deck is prohibited.
  • No spitting, spouting water or blowing the nose in or around the pool.
  • Lap Swimmers will be required to share lanes and circle swim when needed.
  • Food and drink in designated areas only. No glass containers.
  • Swimmers with open sores or wounds or who have had diarrhea within the last 24 hours are asked not to get into the water in accordance with Colorado State Heath Codes.
  • Smoking in or within 15 feet of the entrance to any city-owned facility is prohibited.
  • No unsanctioned private lessons, coaching or selling of goods and services is allowed per Municipal Code Section 39-11.

Wading Pool Rules

  • Children 5 years and under must be directly supervised in the pool, WITHIN ARMS REACH AT ALL TIMES, by a responsible parent or guardian.
  • Feet first entry only.
  • Swim diapers or plastic pants are required for participants who are diaper dependent.
  • Follow all other pool rules.

Slide Rules

  • Riders must be able to pass the swim test and be able to swim to steps independently.
  • Riders must be 42” tall to ride.
  • One person on the slide at a time.
  • Riders must go feet first and face up. No spinning, stopping or turning on the slide.
  • The splashdown area must be clear of swimmers before the next rider uses the slide.
  • Riders may not be caught coming off the slide by parents or guardians.
  • No jewelry, or swim suit with buttons, fasteners, or metal rivets on the slide for your safety.
  • No Swimming in slide area.

Leisure Pool & Water Play Ground Rules

  • Slides: Riders must go feet first and face up. No spinning, stopping or turning on the slide. 
  • Do not climb on outside of play structures.
  • No sitting on the geysers.
  • During busy periods, the leisure pool will be limited to young children.

Reglamento para las Piscinas de Parques y Esparcimiento de Denver

  • Los salvavidas se encuentran para poner en vigor las reglas y regulaciones y atender emergencias.
  • Los padres/tutores son responsables por los actos y conducta de sus hijos.
  • Los usuarios deberán respetar a los salvavidas y al personal de la piscina en todo momento.
  • Los menores de 5 años deberán contar con supervisión directa en la piscina, ENCONTRÁNDOSE AL ALCANCE DE LA MANO EN TODO MOMENTO, por un padre o tutor responsable.
  • Los menores de 6 y 7 años deberán encontrarse acompañados de una persona de 12 años o mayor en el área de la piscina en todo momento.
  • Los niños de 8 años de edad o mayores podrán nadar sin que un padre o tutor esté presente.
  • Se exige el uso de trajes de baño apropiados – Se prohíben las prendas recortadas, de mezclilla, las ropas de calle y las prendas íntimas.
  • Se exige usar las regaderas antes de entrar a la piscina conforme al Código de Sanidad del Estado de Colorado.
  • Se prohíbe correr, los empujones, o los juegos bruscos en los casilleros, las regaderas o en el área de la piscina.
  • Se permiten los clavados únicamente en las zonas designadas para esto.
  • Se prohíben los flotadores y las cámaras de llantas. Todo otro artículo de flotación, equipo y juguetes de natación se permiten a criterio de la gerencia. 
  • Se permiten los chalecos salvavidas aprobados por los Guardacostas de ser supervisados directamente por un padre o tutor que se encuentre al alcance de la mano.
  • Una prueba de natación se podría exigir antes de entrar en las zonas profundas.
  • Se exige usar los pañales acuáticos y los pantalones de plástico para los que dependen de estos. Se prohíbe cambiar  pañales en las inmediaciones de la alberca.
  • Se prohíbe escupir, echar corros de agua, o sonarse en las inmediaciones de la piscina.
  • Las personas que hagan natación de circuito se les va a pedir compartan sus carriles de ser necesario.
  • Los alimentos y las bebidas únicamente en las zonas designadas. Se prohíben los objetos de vidrio.
  • De manera atenta se pide que las personas con úlceras, llagas, o afligidos por diarrea en las 24 horas previas se abstengan de entrar al agua conforme al Código Estatal de Sanidad en Colorado.
  • Se prohíbe el fumar a 15 pies de distancia de las entradas de todas las instalaciones propiedad de la Ciudad.
  • Se prohíbe fumar en toda instalación propiedad de la ciudad a 15 pies de la entrada.
  • Se prohíben las clases particulares, la instrucción, o vender productos o servicios conforme al Código Municipal Sección 39-11.

Reglas para los Chapoteaderos

  • Los menores de 5 años DEBERÁN encontrarse acompañados en la piscina AL ALCANCE DE LA MANO del menor de uno de sus padres o tutores EN TODO MOMENTO.
  • Únicamente entre con los pies primero.
  • Se exige usar los pañales acuáticos y los pantalones de plástico para los que dependen de estos.
  • Acaten las otras reglas de la piscina.

Reglas de el Tobogán

  • Los usuarios deberán aprobar la prueba de natación y poder nadar de manera independiente.
  •  Los usuarios deberán medir 42” = 1 metro de estatura para usarlas.
  • Una persona a la vez por el tobogán.
  • Los usuarios deberán entrar con los pies por delante y bocarriba. Se prohíben las piruetas, detenerse, o las vueltas en el tobogán.
  • La zona de desemboque deberá estar despejada de usuarios antes de que la persona siguiente utilice el tobogán.
  • Los usuarios no podrán ser sacados conforme se desplacen por el tobogán por sus padres o tutores.
  • Por su seguridad, se prohíben las alhajas, o los trajes de baño con botones, broches, o estoperoles.
  • Se prohíbe nadar en la zona del tobogán.

Reglas para las Piscinas Recreativas y los Juegos Acuáticos

  • Para el tobogán: Con los pies por delante ya sea bocarriba o bocabajo. Se prohíbe girar, detenerse o dar vueltas en el tobogán.
  • Se prohíbe treparse en el exterior de las estructuras de juegos.
  • Se prohíbe sentarse en los géiseres.
  • En los periodos más ocupados, las albercas recreativas se van a limitar para los niños menores.

City and County of Denver Parks & Recreation Outdoor Pools may close periodically.

Incidents of closure include:

  • Inclement weather
    • Low air temperature, low water temperature or high wind
      • If the air temperature drops below 64 degrees or colder the pool may close temporarily until the temperature rises
      • If the water temperature is lower than 78 degrees the pool may close temporarily until the water temperature rises
      • If there are high winds occurring and lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool or visibility is poor then the pool may close temporarily until corrected
    • Electrical storms (lightning & thunder)
      • The pool will close for a minimum of 20 min until the area is clear. Since weather in Colorado is unpredictable, these closures can be frequent and sometimes result in the closure of the pool for the day.
  • Pump room mechanical issues
    • Depending on the situation we will reopen as soon as we can for patrons
  • Accidental solid or diarrheal fecal matter incident
    • These closures range from 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the severity and type

Lifeguard & Water Safety Training

Denver parks and recreation is hiring lifeguards and offering free American Red Cross Certification.

DPR's Aquatics Office is offering FREE lifeguard training in an effort to keep our pools adequately staffed. Work where you play and join our team!

In order to participate in lifeguard training, ALL participants must be 15 years old by the end of the training course.

Successfully completing the swimming pretest is also REQUIRED to participate in the full lifeguard training course. The swimming pretest occurs several days before class begins and includes:

  • Swimming 300 yards continuously, demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing. 
    • Candidates may use goggles and use any combination of front crawl of breaststroke. Swimming on the back or side is not allowed.
  • Treading water for two (2) minutes, using the legs only. 
    • Candidates will be required to place their hands under the armpits.
  • Completing a series of actions within 1 minute, 40 seconds:
    • Swim 20 yards (goggles not allowed)
    • Surface dive (head or feet first) to a depth of 7-10 feet and retrieve a 10-pound object.
    • Return to the surface with object and swim 20 yards (on the back)
    • Exit water without using a ladder or steps

ALL meeting times are MANDATORY. Failure to attend all sessions will result in failure of the training course.

Denver Parks & Recreation offers certification in American Red Cross Lifeguard training, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, and First Aid. Most aquatic facilities look for American Red Cross Certification when hiring.

Register now for these upcoming training courses:

Carla Madison Recreation Center
October 20-23
Daily times: 9am - 5pm
Pretest: October 19 from 4pm - 6pm

November 17-20
Daily times: 9am - 5pm
Pretest: November 15 from 3pm - 5pm

Active Older Adults*: Central Park Recreation Center
October 7, 14, 21 and 28
Daily times: 10am - 3pm
*This class offering is available only to adults 40+, or with approval from the instructor

Lifeguards protect their community by preventing, recognizing and responding to water-related emergencies.

The American Red Cross has introduced a new blended learning offering which combines online classes, plus in-person water, first-aid and CPR/AED skills training.

Building on the same knowledge and skills as traditional in-person only training, the course trains lifeguards to act with speed and confidence in emergency situations, both in and out of the water. Topics include:

  • Water rescue skills
  • Surveillance and recognition of emergencies
  • First aid
  • CPR and cardiac emergency response

After successful completion of the course, participants will receive certification in American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, CPR/AED for the professional Rescuer, and First Aid.

L.A.P.S. (Lifeguard Academy Preparatory Swimming) is a free drop-in program at select pools for people 15 – 18 years of age.

It is designed for individuals who want to be lifeguards and need to work on their swimming endurance and water treading skills. This program is for those who are comfortable in the water and have some basic swimming skills. 

Participants will work to improve the front crawl stroke, breast stroke, treading water, underwater swimming, surface dives in deep water, and endurance swimming.

Click on the links below for more information about L.A.P.S. at specific locations.

Ashland Recreation Center

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Athmar Recreation Center

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Carla Madison Recreation Center

Tuesdays | 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Glenarm Recreation Center

Mondays & Wednesday | 6pm – 7pm

Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 5:30pm – 6:15pm

La Familia Recreation Center

Mondays & Wednesdays | 7pm – 8pm

Montbello Recreation Center

Mondays & Wednesdays | 6:45pm – 7:30pm

Montclair Recreation Center

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Washington Park Recreation Center

Mondays & Wednesdays | 6pm – 7pm



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