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Temporary Vending Permits

food trucks in civic center park

The Temporary Vending Permit provides licensed stationary, non-mobilized food vendors the opportunity to temporarily sell food and non-alcoholic beverages at designated sites approved by the City and County of Denver. Non-permitted vendors or food trucks are not allowed in or within 300 feet of a Denver park or parkway unless associated with a special event and with permission by the event host.

Fee Description Fee Amount
 Application Fee*  $ 25
 Monthly Permit  $ 200
 One Day Only Fee  $ 100

*If application is submitted via email, fee is due within 24 hours of receiving confirmation email. Fee is due at the time of submission if applying in-person.

Vendor Locations

Park Name Location
Barnum Park 4th Ave and Hooker St. - 1 location
Confluence Park 15th Street
Garfield Park Arizona Ave and Newton St.
Huston Park Ohio Ave and Bryant St.
Denver Skate Park 19th St. and Little Raven St.
Skyline Park South Block - 3 locations
Sloan's Lake Park W 26th Ave and Tennyson St.
  W 17th Ave and Utica St. near playground
Washington Park #1 - Northwest of Smith Lake
  #2 - West of Boathouse
  #3 - East of Boathouse
  #4 - Diagonal parking lot

Athletic Field Name Location
Barnum East Ballfield W 5th Ave and Federal Blvd
Barnum North Ballfields W 8th Ave and Federal Blvd
Bible Park Ballfield E Yale Ave and S Newport St
Garland Park fields E Mississippi Ave and S Leyden St
Green Valley East E 47th Ave and Jebel St
Kennedy Ballfield Complex E Dartmouth Ave and S Kenton St
Kennedy Soccer Fields E Dartmouth Ave and S Kenton St
Lowry Soccer Fields Fairmount Dr and Sports Blvd
Montbello Central Park Andrews Dr and Crown Blvd
Ruby Hill Complex W Jewell Ave and S Navajo St
Vanderbilt Complex W Tennesee Ave and Platte River Dr
Veterans Park E Iowa Ave and S Vine St
Val Verde Field W Cedar Ave and S Navajo St

Recreation Name Location
Argo E 47th Ave and Logan St
Aztlan 4435 Navajo St
Barnum 370 Hooker St
Berkeley 5105 W 46th Ave
Congress 914 Elizabeth St
Cook 1655 S Oneida St
Eisenhower 4300 E Dartmouth Ave
Garfield Lake 1295 S Lowell Blvd
Green Valley Ranch East 4415 Jebel St
Harvey 2150 S Tennyson St
Harvard Gulch 555 E Iliff Ave
Lincoln W 11th Ave and S Osage St
Mestizo-Curtis 3115 Champa St
Ruby Hill 1555 W Mexico Ave
Swansea 2650 E 49th Ave

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