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Highlights & Events

For Property Owners

trees near a lake
How to hire a tree service company, notices and permits.
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Flower Gardens

flowers in a greenhouse
What's new in our flower gardens! Learn More

For Land Developers

building design illustration
Contractor licensing, permit requests and plan review.
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Noxious Weeds

overgrowth of myrtle spurge
Noxious weed laws and identification. Learn More

Tree Resources

arboreal inspectors on a roof
Approved street trees, Arboreal Inspectors list, and more. 
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Natural Areas

a lookout point along a creek
Restoration of native plants and natural features. Learn More

Water Conservation

sprinklers water grass in a park
Learn about our sustainable water management.
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a coyote walks through tall natural grasses
Rabbits and Squirrels and Foxes oh my! Learn More