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Reuse Water

2017 Recycled Water Advisory Committee Report (PDF)
Report Appendices (PDF)

In Colorado's dry Front Range, water is a resource that must be conserved. As the population of Denver and the surrounding region continues to grow, the increased use of recycled water is necessary to maximize existing resources and build an adequate water supply for the future. 

For more than a decade, Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) has utilized recycled water as a sustainable, low-cost irrigation resource in urban parks. Due to a higher salt content than potable water, recycled water can have a negative impact on certain conifer species. In partnership with Denver Water, DPR evaluates different irrigation methods and water management practices. DPR will continue to work with Denver Water and community partners in assessing the use of recycled water, its effects on trees and park landscaping and possible options to protect and preserve the city's trees.

IGA: Denver Water and City & County of Denver

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In accordance with an Interagency Agreement, Denver Parks and Recreation and Denver Water plan to continue a cooperative partnership in recycled water management by forming a collaborative group in 2016 to evaluate and determine testing needed, explore mitigation strategies and evaluate best management practices.

Recycled Water Management Committee Charter

Recycled Water Management Committee welcome letter

Interagency Agreement, City & County of Denver: Board of Water Commissioners and Dept. of Parks & Recreation


Committee Meeting Information

Meeting agenda: February 24, 2016

Meeting agenda: March 24, 2016
Meeting minutes: March 24, 2016

Meeting minutes: April 26, 2016

Meeting agenda: May 17, 2016
Meeting minutes: May 17, 2016

Meeting agenda: June 6, 2016
Meeting minutes: June 6, 2016

Meeting agenda: November 22, 2016
Meeting minutes: November 22, 2016


Final Advisory Commitee Report & Appendices

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5