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Internship Programs

The goal of the Denver Parks and Recreation Internship Program is to provide an intern with the opportunity to apply information and skills obtained in the classroom to real-life working situations. The internship also offers the opportunity to gain experience in planning, organizing, leading and evaluating various recreational programs. Furthermore, it provides the intern with a constructive review and evaluation of their skills and competencies; thus, allowing realistic direction to further professional development.

All internship applicants are required to apply through Denver Human Resources.

Areas of Opportunity

For students studying marketing and communications, event planning or a related field, internships are available throughout the year. Learn more.

Denver Natural Areas interns learn through hands-on experience what it means to restore and maintain Natural Areas in a variety of land types including riparian, prairie, and Mountain Parks. Upon the completion, interns will gain the ability to identify invasive species, native forbs and grasses, and learn about the benefits of Integrated Weed Management. Interns may also participate in water quality improvement projects that include restoration of streams and lakes in the city. Interns also get involved in community outreach and gain experience in environmental education and leadership.

Work in Natural Areas is physically demanding. Interns must be able to work outside in a variety of weather conditions. Terrain will vary from riparian areas, wetlands, prairie, and mountains.

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Denver Parks and Recreation seeks talented students studying Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, GIS, or a closely related field who may be interested in an internship within Denver Parks Planning, Design & Construction.  Planning internships are available throughout the year.

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Recreation internships are available throughout the year. The length of internship is 12-13 weeks, 40 hour/week (which may include weekend and nights), resulting in 480-520 total working hours. A probation period of the first two initial weeks of the internship will be instituted.

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