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Pedestrians are a fundamental part of every transportation network – it’s the most basic form of mobility and an important priority for the City and County of Denver.

People walk every day on their way to work, to shop, and while enjoying all of the different attractions in the Mile High City. Denver’s Pedestrian Program, part of Denver Public Works, helps plan and build multi-modal improvements to our roadways and neighborhoods to ensure that walking is a safe and easy mobility choice for all residents and visitors.


Mobility News


Denver Moves: Pedestrians & Trails

The Denver Moves: Pedestrians & Trails plan will examine how we can make walking a viable and primary mobility choice in Denver. A final draft is expected to be released in early 2017; learn more at

Federal Blvd improvements

In close coordination with partners, the City & County of Denver is implementing immediate pedestrian safety improvements along Federal Boulevard. Learn more at

Thursday, March 1: Public rule-making hearing for proposed changes to Rules & Regulations: Criteria for Hazardous or Defective Sidewalks

The Denver Office of Disability Rights (DODR) is an integral division of the Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships, coordinating the City and County of Denver’s efforts to ensure compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our role is to ensure that all City services and programs are accessible to people with disabilities.

Office of Disability Rights »

Denver Public Works is prioritizing the installation of ADA pedestrian ramps in all locations where the Street Maintenance Division is planning to do street work and a ramp does not exist.

ADA Pedestrian Improvements »

DODR is charged with conducting curb ramp reviews of all City and County of Denver owned properties, as well as non-owned properties supported or funded by the City and County of Denver.

Curb Ramp Request Process »