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Safety & Education

On any given day, most of us will spend at least some time as a pedestrian – so it’s important that we all share the roadway with bicycles, vehicles, and other pedestrians as we’re out and about. Our traffic laws and infrastructure are designed so everyone has a clear expectation of traffic flow and safe conditions.


Always follow all traffic signals and signs. 

Pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks and in marked crosswalks.

Be prepared for changing conditions, especially in wet or snowy weather.

Denver is growing! Be particularly careful around work zones and construction equipment.

Be alert! While walking, make sure your headphones aren’t too loud, and keep mobile devices out of your hands so you can focus on your surroundings.

Be safe! Don’t walk too close to buses or trains, and don’t walk in the light rail lanes. 

Be courteous to others! 

Denver’s Safe Routes To School (SRTS) program aims to improve children's ability to safely walk and bicycle to school. These programs involve the whole community — parents, children, schools, the city, residents, neighborhoods, non-profit organizations and public health agencies. Learn more about Denver's coalition

The City and County of Denver works with partners to provide for pedestrian level lighting in business and residential areas to improve safety and visibility. To report an outage or request new lighting, contact the Business Improvement District, RNO, or agency for that area.

In Denver parks: Contact 311 to make a report.

Other street lighting: Depending on its location, a street light may be installed and maintained by a city agency, CDOT, RTD, Xcel Energy, or private property owners. 

New street or alley light request: Residents may request the city consider installation of new mid-block street or alley lighting by filling out a petition:


logo: Vision Zero


Denver’s commitment to Vision Zero starts with the idea that safety is our top priority, and with the knowledge that we can eliminate fatal crashes.

Report Unsafe Conditions

Or Contact 311 By Phone

Within Denver dial: 3-1-1
Outside Denver: 720-913-1311
Emergencies: 911 | TTY Service: 720-913-8479