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Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program

Denver is announcing a new sidewalk repair program to address damaged, sloping, and uneven sidewalks in support of our goal to have a better network of safe, accessible infrastructure citywide. Denver Public Works has identified 11 sidewalk regions by grouping neighborhoods into roughly comparable areas, and will begin by addressing one region per year, using criteria based on community feedback gathered in the Denver Moves: Pedestrians & Trails plan.

Per city ordinance, Denver property owners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of sidewalks adjacent to their properties. To help with the repairs, the City will offer extended repayment assistance and affordability discounts for property owners who qualify. The City is also authorizing less expensive repair methods not currently allowed, such as patching and grinding.

Program Implementation

In 2018, Denver Public Works will begin formal inspections at properties in Region 1, including the neighborhoods of City Park, Congress Park, Cherry Creek, Country Club, Cheesman Park, Speer, Capitol Hill and North Capitol Hill. (See region map - PDF) Public Works will contact property owners whose sidewalks are in need of repair and provide additional information on repair requirements, estimated costs, extended repayment, and affordability programs, including extended repayment assistance and affordability discounts for those who qualify. Adjacent property owners will need to correct violations on their own or can choose to have Public Works complete the work based on a set fee schedule.