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The Denver Police Department is comprised of officers from all types of employment, education and life experiences. This diversity not only empowers our department, but enables collaboration with the community to adapt to change. Our commitment is to preserve the integrity of the Department by hiring the best individuals to serve as Denver Police officers.

The Denver Police Department is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the Rocky Mountain region. Our police force of over 1,500 sworn Officers is led by the Police Chief Paul Pazen. The Denver Police Department is regularly highlighted on the national stage to have hosted events such as the Democratic National Convention, 2012 Presidential Debates, National Stock Shows, amongst numerous sporting events, conventions, and festivals. Denver has become a Mecca for these worldwide events due to the outstanding public safety services provided by our department.

Career Options that Focus on Your Strengths

There are many career opportunities within the Denver Police Department. Your career will begin as a patrol officer with room for advancement within a few years of graduating the Academy.  Listed below are some of the many career paths available to you as a Denver Police officer:

  • District Investigations
  • Robbery Unit
  • Sex Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Vice Narcotics
  • Juvenile Bureau
  • Traffic Operations
  • Missing Persons
  • Fugitive Unit
  • Gang Bureau
  • K-9: Patrol, Drug, Bomb
  • Homicide
  • Training Bureau
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
  • Street Crimes Attack Team

Salary & Benefits

The Denver Police Department offers a competitive salary and benefits package. In fact, we are one of only a handful of agencies in the metro area that first hires and then trains you to become a certified Police Officer in the State of Colorado.  As a Police Recruit in the academy, your annual pay rate starts at $55,000. Academy graduates receive a salary increase to $57,533 as a 4th grade Police Officer. Our aggressive annual pay increases allow you to make $85,763 after completing three years of service. Yearly salary increments are based upon 2017 pay benefits information.  

As you rise through the ranks, your salary continues to increase. Listed below are additional salaries based on your rank:

Position Salary
Police Officer Recruit $56,788
Police Officer 4th Grade $57,533
Police Officer 3rd Grade $63,679
Police Officer 2nd Grade $68,178
Police Officer 1st Grade $85,763
Technician $91,509
Detective $94,432
Corporal $94,765
Sergeant $102,538
Lieutenant $117,595

In addition to our excellent compensation package, Denver Police Department offers:

  • Competitive rates on health, dental and vision insurance
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan
  • All uniforms and some equipment provided at no cost
  • Bullet proof vest provided every five years
  • Yearly uniform allowance
  • Innovative technology installed in our newer fleet of Ford Police Utility Interceptors
  • Opportunity for career advancement upon completing three years of patrol duties, and the opportunity for advancement to many  different career options within the department. 



Current Information

Information coming soon. Please fill out the job interest form below to stay informed with the latest information from the Denver Police Recruitment Unit.

New Lateral Requirements!

  • Minimum of two years patrol experience to qualify for lateral status.

  • Receive lateral pay while you attend the Academy

  • $72,858 annually for 2 to 4 years patrol experience

  • $91,652 annually for 4+ years patrol experience


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