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The Denver Police Academy is both a physically and academically challenging time for recruits, with training which has direct ties into what they will encounter on the streets. An average day will begin with recruits arriving early to prepare their uniform and get ready for the day. After morning roll call, recruits will have a heavy load of academics which incorporate operations manual procedures, criminal investigation techniques, along with criminal and constitutional law courses.

Additionally, recruits will be assigned to skills teams where they will learn and practice until proficient the skills utilized by officers, such as arrest control, self defense, traffic stops, building searches, felony stops, firearms, crisis intervention and search techniques to name a few. 

Lastly, recruits will participate daily in vigorous physical fitness workouts based on the CrossFit platform, all of which will be targeted to prepare recruits to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test at the 60th percentile. The fitness test will gauge a recruit’s score on the 2 mile run, push-ups and sit-ups.

Due to the strenuous activities, applicants are highly encouraged to begin getting in shape prior to entering the academy. Additionally, applicants will better prepare themselves by brushing up on study techniques as well as writing, typing and grammar skills.

The academy is to teach recruits the skills necessary to be a police officer and handle the situations needed on the streets.

Recruits are exposed to 27 weeks of intensive training on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Federal, state and municipal law 
  • Search and seizure
  • Arrest control
  • Firearms
  • Physical fitness
  • Emergency driving
  • Report writing
  • Patrol tactics and community interaction

Instructors from the Denver Police Department, the Denver District Attorney's Office, the Denver City Attorney’s Office, as well as a number of other city and private agencies provide recruit officers with professional and quality instruction. Upon graduation, each recruit officer is a qualified practitioner in basic police firearms, police vehicle operation, and the Denver Police Department’s arrest control system.

Police recruits undergo a series of weekly examinations and participate in a vigorous physical conditioning program. They also participate in a battery of field problems, testing their ability to function under stress and to reason through a challenging issue. These are often hands-on encounters requiring recruits to interview scenario volunteers and write reports, search and take subjects into custody, operate emergency equipment, and engage in building searches and shoot/don’t shoot situations. Recruit training is a very challenging and demanding process with over 1,000 hours of instruction. 

Recruit officers must then pass the Colorado State P.O.S.T. examination to be certified as a peace officer in the State of Colorado. Upon graduation from the academy recruit officers are assigned to one of the six patrol districts where they undergo field training and evaluation. Field training lasts three and one-half months, and builds on the foundation provided by the academy to prepare recruit officers for a solo field assignment.

After the academy, recruits will become Denver Police Officers upon graduation. The transition from a civilian to becoming a police officer is a tremendous milestone and is celebrated with friends, family, co-workers and members from other departments. This event can be described as one of the proudest moments in an officer's life...



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