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As the largest police department in Colorado, we are looking for skilled officers who are able to respond to calls of any nature. Our Officers must have the ability to take control of extremely tense and rapidly changing situations in a calm and professional manner. It is pertinent that prospective officers learn how to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing during the performance of their duties.

Applicants who have the ability to perform as officers will be selected and placed into our in-house police academy. This is not a closed (or dorm style) academy. Recruits live off-site at their personal residence during this training, and report daily for training. The entry level academy is approximately 6 months long and recruits will become POST Certified at the conclusion. Lateral police officers will go through an approximately 17-week academy.  All academy graduates go through an additional field training program. 

After successfully completing the field training program (called PTO or Police Training Officer), officers will be certified to patrol as solo officers.


Below you will find the testing process for Denver Police applicants. The exact order may change at times based on the scheduling demands of the Denver Civil Service Commission.

number one graphicInitial Testing

  • Self Assessment
  • Online Application
  • Written Test
  • Video Test
  • Background Packet 

number two graphic


  • Language Skills Test
  • Written Suitability Test
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Interview with Psychologist
  • Physical Agility Test
  • Preliminary File Review
  • Background Investigation

number three graphic


  • Civil Service Review
  • Police Department Interviews
  • DPD Chiefs Review
  • Executive Director of Safety Review
  • Conditional Job Offers Given

number four graphic

Final Testing

  • Fingerprinting
  • Drug Screen
  • Medical Exam
  • Psychological Exam (MMPI-2)
  • Final Job Offer
  • Academy Start
  • Are You Ready?

Physical Agility Test



Your career as a Denver Police Officer is a commitment, and the Denver Police Department will spend a significant amount of time and resources to train and prepare you to be a police officer. Along with that is the expectation that you will make a career with our department. To stand out from the competition, an applicant can partake in several things that will expose them to a law enforcement career and increase their knowledge of the job.

The department will also look into what each applicant has done to prepare for this career, awareness of what topics currently are affecting law enforcement nationwide as well as previous scholastic success and commitment to physical fitness. A well prepared and informed applicant will stand out against the competition.

Ride Alongs

Applicants can apply to participate in a ride along with the Denver Police Department. Applications can be obtained at any of the six district police stations throughout the city. Just go to the officer at the information desk and ask for a ride along form. They will make a copy of your driver's license to accompany the application. All participants will undergo a criminal history background check.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is not only important in preparation for the academy, but also a key aspect in an individual's health. A competitive applicant will enter the academy with a strong physical fitness level and utilize the academy to push themselves and others in a group setting. Additionally, the better shape a candidate is, the more attention they will be able to give towards the academic portion of the academy without feeling overly fatigued.

Salary Information

Denver Police Department Salary based on the year 2020:

  • Police Officer Recruit: $58,633
  • Police Officer - Fourth Grade: $63,480
  • Police Officer - Third Grade: $70,261
  • Police Officer - Second Grade : $75,225
  • Police Officer - First Grade: $94,630
  • Technician: $100,968
  • Detective: $104,193
  • Corporal: $104,193
  • Sergeant: $113,137        
  • Lieutenant: $129,751

Lateral Salary

  • Minimum of two years of patrol experience at the time of application to qualify for lateral status.
  • Receive lateral pay while you attend the Denver Police Academy
  • Starting Pay: $75,225 annually for 2 to 4 years of patrol experience (PO 2)
  • Starting Pay: $94,630 annually for 4+ years of patrol experience (PO 1)        

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All applicants wishing to apply and be considered for employment with the Denver Police Department must complete each step of the hiring process as set forth by the Denver Civil Service Commission. This organization is accountable for establishing a list of eligible candidates for review by the Denver Police Department and selection by the Executive Director of Public Safety. 

Out-of-State Applicants

All out-of-state applicants are required to travel to Denver twice during the application process.  The first trip is a 1-day process in which applicants will take the written and video test. If the applicant receives a qualifying score on the video test, they will be invited to return at a later date that is set by the Denver Civil Service Commission.  The second trip is a three to four-day process in which applicants will complete the following requirements: written suitability test, polygraph examination, interview with psychologist, physical agility test, and meet with a background investigator. The third trip is optional and is a one-day process to complete the oral board interview. Out-of-state applicants who can not make it back to Denver for the interview will be allowed to complete it via video conference. If you make it to the final testing phase and are given a conditional job offer, you will be required to return to Denver for approximately 2-3 days. During this phase, you will complete the following: fingerprinting, drug screen, medical exam, and psychological exam. 

Residency: You can apply as an out-of-state applicant and go through the entire application process. You establish residency as a "Colorado" resident when you make the move to Denver and start the Denver Police Academy.