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Becoming a police officer is a complex process with many things about you that will be tested and examined. The first step is to decide and commit to becoming an officer. There are many tests to complete and without the resolve to get through everything that is asked of you along with your willingness to improve yourself, you will have a difficult time. However, if you make the commitment, you will find the process much easier.


Getting ready to apply and test for a police officer position can best be accomplished by focusing on three categories:

  • Test Preparation
  • Job Knowledge/Experience
  • Physical Fitness


If you have never tested for law enforcement you may be surprised at what departments are looking for. It is recommended that you go to your local bookstore and purchase a "Police Officer Test Preparation Book." There are many different publishers, but they are all similar in that they will provide you several practice written tests. Subject material covers writing and grammar, reading comprehension, coordinal directions and an understanding of how information is conveyed in law enforcement.

Additionally, applicants will take a video situational judgment test. An important thing to keep in mind is that this test is for people who do not have previous law enforcement, Cadet, Explorer or military experience. If you take this test with things you have learned in any of the previous professions, you may not score as well. This test is a common sense/judgment exam. Focus on taking the test by completing the "call" while also being respectful of all parties involved.

If you do not score as well as you would like the first time, try again when you are eligible. Often times an applicant will score better on their next exam after going through it once before.


Denver Civil Service Commission:

Denver Civil Service Commission Self Evaluation (Take this self test and see if you meet the minimum qualifications):

Denver Civil Service Commission Physical Fitness Test:

Denver Civil Service Commission Sample Written Test:

Ergometrics Frontline Police Exam (A fee based practice video test by the exam vendor):


Current Information

The Denver Civil Service Commission has confirmed the application and testing dates for the first lateral and entry level academies in 2020.

The application will open on July 24th, 2019 at 1201 AM and close at 2359 on August 2nd, 2019.

The written / video test will be from August 12th, 2019 through August 20th, 2019. The test days are Monday through Friday and the test times are 0730 and 1230 MDT.

Please fill out the self-evaluation and interest form to receive more information. 

Lateral Requirments

  • Minimum of two years patrol experience at the time of application to qualify for lateral status.

  • Receive lateral pay while you attend the Academy

  • Starting Pay: $75,225 annually for 2 to 4 years patrol experience (PO 2)

  • Starting Pay: $94,630 annually for 4+ years patrol experience (PO 1)        


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