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The Denver Police Department is commited to maintaining a force that encompasses diversity and resembles the Denver Community. Our officers come from all walks of life, backgrounds and education.


What made you decide to become a Denver Police Officer?

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. in a neighborhood that was plagued by gang violence and crime. Growing up police officers were a constant presence in the neighborhood. The officers who worked in our precinct truly fostered the concept of community policing. They often came out to talk to the young kids and handed out freebies. Because of this positive experience I knew at a young age, that I wanted to become a Police Officer.  My parents also recognizing my passion for policing and knowing the area in which we lived in; as well as their limited opportunities, decided to send me to Denver to live with family at the age of 14. I have lived here since.  

Why do you enjoy working for the Denver Police Department?

The Denver Police Department is the largest police department in the Rocky Mountain Region. It has several units and bureaus that allow for movement and professional growth. I have been very fortunate to have been assigned to several different districts and units that cover the entire city. I truly enjoy the diversity Denver has to offer. It has allowed me the opportunity to build relationships with people of different cultures and to have met such unique individuals that I otherwise would not have had. Due to the size of Denver, we have also been fortunate enough to host several national conventions and rallies. A few of my favorites have been the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and Presidential Debate in 2012, held at The University of Denver.

What difficulties/personal challenges did you face as you began your career?

Having lived in Denver when I was growing up has had its challenges and advantages. I have come in contact on official police business with individuals I went to High School with. It was disheartening to see them struggle through some of life’s hardships, some through no fault of their own. Although this was a challenge it also helped shape me and my career. I believe I am often able to empathize with every person I contact better due to my previous experiences. I firmly believe most individuals we contact are not “bad” individuals; however they have made a few poor choices.


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