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The academy also conducts training for lateral recruit officers (persons with qualified prior law enforcement experience). Lateral recruits attend an abbreviated academy lasting seventeen weeks. They are held to the same standards as basic recruits and receive training to qualify for the Colorado POST. Those officers who are already Colorado POST Certified will not need to take the test again.. You will then be assigned to one of the six patrol districts and must also successfully complete field training & evaluation before serving in a solo field assignment.

Advanced pay scale based on years of service

  • Lateral Salary begins on day one of the Denver Police Academy
  • PO - 2. More than two years and less than four years of patrol
  • PO - 1.  More than four years of patrol

A few reasons given by lateral officers for transferring over to Denver are:

  • Larger patrol area
  • Excellent Salary and Benefits
  • Opportunity for upward movement
  • Good retirement benefits- defined contribution
  • Secondary Employment
  • Variety of calls during the work day
  • Quality of life in and around Denver, CO


I was a lateral officer from Los Angles County Sheriff'S Department and came to the Denver Police Department due to the lifestyle Denver offered and the career opportunities within the department.”

- Sgt. Jim Mair

Current Information

Lateral Police Officer application information coming soon.

Please fill out an interest form to receive the latest application information when it becomes available. 

  • Minimum of two years patrol experience (not including time at an academy) to qualify for lateral status.

  • Receive lateral pay day one of the Denver Police Academy. 

  • $75,225 annually for 2 to 4 years patrol experience

  • $94,630 annually for 4+ years patrol experience

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