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Law enforcement is a natural transition for those separating from the military but still driven to serve their country and community. Veterans have a history of working under stressful situations, odd work hours and being a part of a team...all of which are characteristics desired in law enforcement.

In 2014, the Denver Police Department was voted one of the Best for Vets-Employers by Military Edge Magazine due to the benefits for reservists and veterans. With officers and command staff having come from all of the different branches, military veterans fit right in with our department.

See how you might be eligible for up to 10 Veteran Points on your Civil Service Commission Police Test as well as another five points that are awarded for proficiency in certain languages. 


The Denver Police Department actively seeks and recruits veterans of the military. While this helps veterans leaving the service, the department finds that many applicants from the military possess the skills and characteristics that are sought in officers.

Some of the characteristics that veterans have and that we look for are:

  • Critical thinking in stressful and developing situations
  • Multi-tasking
  • Ability to work in a chain-of-command
  • Accustomed to shift work
  • Problem solving skills
  • Experience working with people and cultures from around the world
  • Discipline and dependability
  • Ability to work with different agencies and organizations

Gunnery Sergeant Robert Martinez
USMC, Retired


"I choose a law enforcement career because I feel it coincides with and complements my military career. Both careers involve distinct chains of command and an honorable ways to provide service to the public. In the military, we serve at the State and National levels. In law enforcement, we serve at the local level. There is no greater way to serve your community than to keep your fellow citizens safe, regardless if the threat is at the local, state, or national level. Additionally, military veterans are some of our best recruits due to their high level of personal discipline, training, and life experience. I highly encourage a military veteran to consider a career with the Denver Police Department."

Colonel Ken Chavez, US Army National Guard, G-2
~ Lt. Ken Chavez, Denver Police Department


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