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Women are an integral part of the Denver Police Department and hold many critical assignments. Each of our officers have their own story of what motivated them to enter law enforcment, their struggles and their successes. However, the one thing that they hold in common, is the title of police officer.

Women Police Officers help departments in community policing and improving the public image. Why? Women tend to better use their interpersonal skills, show more empathy, are less cynical of citizens and typically do not have something to "prove" in their interactions with the public.
- National Center for Women and Policing


What made you decide to become a Denver Police Officer?

Deciding to become a Denver Police Officer was not something I expected. I was going through a major life change, including moving back to Denver from a small town, and I was looking for a new career field. I am not one who had always dreamed of being an officer; in fact, I hadn’t ever considered it until loved ones suggested it to me. I looked into it, decided it was something I was interested in trying, and when I was about halfway through the Denver Academy I realized I had made the right choice. Not long after being on the streets I knew that I loved being a cop, and that I would be a DPD officer for the duration of my career.

Why do you enjoy working for the Denver Police Department?

I am proud to be a Denver Police Officer. Through ups and downs, the Denver Police Department is a family of individuals, working together, protecting each other, for the better of our community. Also, this department is large enough that it offers opportunities for its members to specialize in a number of different fields and to promote to further their careers. I enjoy working for the DPD because I believe in the work I do, the people I work with, and I am fortunate to have the career path I’ve set before me.

What difficulties/personal challenges did you face as you began your career?

I was single when I became an officer, and it was easy to become completely absorbed in the job. I found I was spending all my time with cops – on and off duty – and I had to learn to re-connect with friends I had before becoming an officer, and to nurture my life away from my police work. Since then I have met my husband, who is not a cop, started a family, and have maintained a high quality of performance on the job. I have learned, and continue to work at finding, the right balance between work and my personal life so that my family knows how much they mean to me while I strive to be a police officer they, and I, can be proud of.


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