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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need to have an alarm permit?
It is unlawful to have a security alarm system in the City of Denver unless a permit has been obtained.  These systems are to be monitored by a licensed alarm company.

2.  Can I renew my permit after the expiration date has passed?      
Yes, your permit number will stay the same but with a new issue and expiration date based on the date of processing.  

3.  How and where can an alarm user obtain a new permit application?  
Getting a new Security Alarm Permit is simple. You can apply by mail or call Customer Service at 877-892-5873.

  How long does it take to process a new permit?  
Paper applications are usually processed the day they are received.    

  Am I fined if I have a false alarm?
There is a $50.00 fine for a false panic or hold-up alarm (signaling the police in an emergency situation where imminent danger of death or bodily injury exists).  A false intrusion alarm carries no monetary fine, but if five (5) false intrusion alarms occur within a permit calendar year the permit will be put into a "General Response" status.  The alarm will not be broadcast, but a police officer in the area may respond if available.
6.  How can I find out if my alarm permit is valid? 
Contact Customer Service at 877-892-5873 during business hours. Our website provides permit information at any time, including: whether the permit is valid, the expiration date for the permit, any outstanding alarm fines, and alarm incidents.

  I have a valid monitored alarm user permit. Why didn't the police dispatch when my alarm company called them? 
To find out why the police denied dispatch to your premises; contact your alarm company and obtain the permit number they have retained on file. More often than not your alarm company provided an invalid or non-existent permit number when requesting dispatch. Contact customer service at 877-892-5878 to verify your permit number, expiration date and status.  You may also verify your permit status on the website.