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What is Denver Smart City?

Denver, Colorado is a city whose progressive approach to innovation is rooted in its pioneering, western spirit. Spurred on by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, Denver is aggressively embracing and testing new and better ways to deploy technology and using data to improve services for residents, businesses, and visitors. 

Guided by grounded principles and defined portfolios, Denver Smart City is knocking down silos between departments, optimizing city operations, and addressing some of our biggest challenges: crime, traffic congestion, vehicle crashes, air pollution, and economic imbalances. 

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Denver is reducing air pollution, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and improving our environment to protect public health and prioritize environmental sustainability. 

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By integrating technology with the built environment, Denver is providing flexible, affordable, and accessible multi-modal transportation options for all. 

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Built for integration and interoperability, Denver’s custom Internet of Things (IoT) platform complies real-time data on transportation, environmental health, weather, and freight. 

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True to our pioneering roots, Denver continues to challenge the status quo. Being an entrepreneurial city means bringing the best and brightest projects and partnerships to the Mile High City.

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