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What is Denver Smart City?

A city founded by the gold rush pioneers, again pioneering. Smart City Denver is pioneering technology for a mobile, affordable and environmentally-sustainable city.

We are creating a holistic, scalable program to address the Denver’s challenges: mobility, safety, and health.

Supported through strong industry and community partnerships, along with over $15 million of local and Federal funding, Denver Smart City is pioneering the path for a sustainable city model, protecting our beautiful Rocky Mountains and the states natural beauty we all love. 

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Learn about how we are reducing air pollution, limit greenhouse gas emissions and improve Denver’s environmental conditions to protect public health and prioritize environmental sustainability. 
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A connected city moves constituents where they need to be fast, efficiently and affordably. 

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Smart devices supporting a Smart City. Denver’s custom Internet of Things (IoT) platform supports safety, mobility, transportation and weather in one place.

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True to our pioneering roots, Denver is challenging the status quo, integrating our pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit bringing the best and brightest projects and collaboration to the Mile High City.

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Company and Organizational Inquiries

If your company or organization is interested in learning more about or getting involved with Denver Smart City or any of our portfolios, please visit the page below and we can get the converstation started with a few quick questions:


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