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What is Denver Smart City?

Denver Smart City will connect people to mobile, affordable and environmentally-sustainable city services by leveraging strong partnerships, technology and innovation that are holistic, inclusive, equitable and sustainable to enable people-centered, performance-driven, real-time solutions. Through strong industry and community partnerships, along with over $15 million of local and Federal funding, Denver is creating a holistic program to address the City's challenges, including issues of mobility, safety, and health. By designing entrepreneurial approaches to leverage advanced technology and a real-time, open data network, city leadership and Denver's communities will have access to smarter choices that connect more people to the services they need and improve the quality of life for all.   

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A Clean and Healthy City develops partnerships, infrastructure, networks and programs to foster profound change for a sustainable city. 

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A Connected Multi-Modal City integrates technology with the built environment to provide flexible, affordable and accessible multi-modal options for everyone.

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To support Denver’s Smart City Program components, the IoT Platform will integrate IoT with the built environment and connect data sets for safety, mobility, transportation, freight and weather in one place, allowing for predictive analytics and timely decision-making with an emphasis on safety and security. 

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An Entrepreneurial City challenges the status quo on how projects are developed and delivered, integrating an experimental spirit to take calculated risks while exploring innovative possibilities to bring the best and brightest ideas, projects and collaboration to Denver.

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