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Internet of Things Platform

Denver’s Internet of Things (IoT) Platform is architected to support the variety of Denver Smart City portfolios and projects.  Built for integration and interoperability, the IoT platform connects transportation, environmental health, weather and freight data. Driving smart decisions for a smart city emphasizing safety and security.

There are three components to our IOT Platform:

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Our Enterprise Data Management System is the foundation, taking data from thousands of different sensors providing real-time data to the city employees of network and conditions. Data comes from resources like traffic management center, police, bus, rail, road sensors, street lights, weather sensors and universities….and many more. This data equips Denver to improve the access and utilization of city services. 


Enterprise (Sample Dashboard)

Pioneering technology to quickly analyze data and make the best use of tax-payer dollars, the Enterprise Dashboard created by the city of Denver allows for real-time decisions as well as machine learning. Delivering an improved everyday experience of living, working and playing in Denver. 



Living Lab

Denver’s Smart City lab is where we test-pilot the collected data in a controlled environment. Testing the Enterprise Dashboard Management on a smaller scale, before implementing, we leverage learnings and improvements for the greater good of the entire city improving congestion and safety. To learn more about the living lab, visit here.


Examples of Vendor Technology

Smart City Denver vendor selection surrounds around sourcing vendors supporting the city’s efforts. Interested in being a vendor? Learn More


"BlueTOAD is an advanced technology to directly determine travel times and road speeds by matching detections of anonymous Bluetooth signals emanating from passing vehicles. Video offers an overview of how BlueTOAD works, its advantages for public agencies looking to protect privacy in traffic monitoring technology, and its minimal impact on roadway infrastructure."

For more information visit


Argonne Sensor

"...Argonne National Laboratory seeks to design, develop, and deploy a novel wireless sensor system, with the aim of enabling a new breed of smart city research and sensor-driven environmental science."


Learn more at Argonne National Laboratory


Econolite Cobalt

"The traffic signal controller represents one of the most important intelligent technology and communication components of a signalized intersection. As such, today’s advanced traffic signal controller must integrate leading edge electronics, while supporting industry standards and specifications. Econolite continues its tradition of offering the most advanced and innovative technologies with the Cobalt™ family of Advanced Transportation Controllers (ATC)."

Learn More at