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Your Voice. Our Future.

Our community is undertaking an effort that builds upon our successes and proud traditions to design the future of this great city. Denveright is a community-driven planning process that challenges you to shape how we want to evolve in four key areas: land use, mobility, parks, and recreational resources.



About Denveright

Great cities don’t happen by accident. They are the result of intentional planning, committed community members, and thoughtful public projects that guide their evolution. As one of the most vibrant, rapidly changing cities in the country, our community is undertaking an effort that builds upon our successes and proud traditions to design the future of this great city. With 100,000 more people expected to live in Denver by 2035, how can we better prepare for our tomorrow, today?

LAND USE: Neighborhood character, function and connections. Ensuring growth and stability in the right places to enhance the livability and sustainability of our communities.

RECREATIONAL RESOURCES: Quality trails, programs and amenities citywide. Enhancing our existing network to provide better opportunities and places to walk, bike, relax and play. 

PARKS. Accessible open space for all to enjoy. Providing quality open space and recreation across the city and ensuring our parks are maintained and improved for years to come.

MOBILITY. Safe and reliable choices for getting around town. Providing more mobility choices to help people and goods move more efficiently by the type of travel that best meets the needs of their trip.


In 2002, the community created Blueprint Denver, a citywide land-use and transportation plan that set a vision of smart growth for our future. 

The following year, the Game Plan created a similar plan for how our city’s parks and recreation priorities should adapt over time.

Strategies from these plans have served us well, guiding transportation choices, promoting mixed-use development, creating and enhancing parks, trails and recreation centers, and catalyzing areas of change while preserving the character of stable neighborhoods. 

But a lot has changed in 15+ years.

RTD's FasTracks system has added significant new transit options to the region. Our population has experienced rapid growth. We’ve learned new and smarter ways to plan for the future of our city with climate change in mind.

It’s now time to refresh those plans and enhance them with a more modern approach to guide future investments in trails, pedestrian facilities and our transit system. Lessons learned from earlier planning efforts can inform new and improved plans for tomorrow.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to align plans for land use, mobility, parks and recreation so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And we can't do it without you. 

Denveright kicked off in early summer 2016 and is expected to be a two-year planning process.

State of the City
It began with assessing the current state of our city -- demographics, land uses, transportation system, sidewalk and trail conditions, the parks and recreation system, lessons learned and more. This data can help our community, task forces and city planners understand both the big picture and the little details, to make the best recommendations for the city's future.

Your Voice
At the same time, we asked the community -- what do you want most for Denver's future? Your responses resulted in the Denveright vision and values.

Getting into Details
Now we're asking more detailed questions about how you think Denver should grow, what kind of transit system you'd like to see, and what you value most about our parks and trails.

Who's Involved
We're sharing data and community input with each plan's task force, which are made up of community members representing many different perspectives on our city. The task forces guide the individual plans, and their meetings are open to the public. The Denveright Community Think Tank -- a forum for community leaders to share thoughts and ideas on important topics that relate to all four plans -- is working in parallel with the task forces.

Denveright will continue to hone in on our community's goals, ultimately creating a draft of each of the four plans for your review and feedback.

Learn more and help spread the word about Denveright:

Share Your Voice
We, as a community, have a choice in how we approach the ongoing evolution of our city. By helping us answer the big questions, you and your neighbors will directly shape the community we become. Share your voice now>>

We are seeking volunteers for the Denveright Street Team to attend fairs, festivals and community workshops! You'll be an ambassador for Denveright and will help give Denver residents a chance to shape the future of their city. Learn more >>




Four Plans Working Together to Make One City

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