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Read the Denver Moves Pedestrians and Trails Public Draft

Denver Moves Pedestrians & Trails has released a public draft plan for review and comment. Feedback will be open for two weeks, through December 11, 2017.

The draft includes separate pedestrian and trails elements. Although these elements are described separately, efforts were made through their development to ensure their integration with each other and with Denver Moves Bicycles and Denver Moves Transit.

In addition to identifying projects, policies and programs for pedestrians and for trails, Denver Moves Pedestrians & Trails includes several components that can stand alone but serve as a critical building block to this plan:

  • Sidewalk types
  • Pedestrian Demand Index
  • Trail design guidelines
  • A policy and program action plan for pedestrians and trails
  • Conceptual designs of high-priority trail projects
  • Key messages for a future education and outreach campaign
  • Recommendations for how to monitor progress for both pedestrians and trails
  • Recommendations for how to integrate this plan into the Neighborhood Planning Initiative