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Denver Moves: Transit Community Feedback Summary - Spring and Summer 2017

Between March and July, the Denver Moves: Transit team received over 1,500 responses through our online Build Your Own Transit System survey. The survey asked the community to choose transit improvements and their responses help inform the Denver Moves: Transit plan and shape the plan’s recommendations.


Survey respondents preferred improvements that would make the experience of riding transit better and encourage more people to ride the transit. The top transit improvements respondents selected include: 

  • More rail service in Denver 
  • Higher frequency bus service 
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle access to transit
  • More fare pass programs 
  • Better transit connections
  • Rider information/technology at bus stops 

In addition to the online survey, the team hosted a series of community workshops at community venues and pop-up events at transit stops and stations around the city. We also attended several community events. We received input from over 900 residents, commuters, and visitors. The top transit improvements workshop and event attendees said they wanted include:

  • Higher frequency (running every 15 minutes) and enhanced bus service (routes with fewer stops)
  • More fare pass programs, such as business-subsidized transit passes or neighborhood programs
  • More high capacity transit service in Denver, such as light rail or bus rapid transit (BRT)
  • More bus service earlier or later in the day or on weekends
  • More amenities at transit stops and stations, such as shelters, seating, wayfinding, lighting, and bike parking