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The Future is Here.

Via the city’s three-year Denveright outreach and planning effort, input from thousands of Denverites has resulted in plans for a more inclusive, connected and healthy city, for all of us who live here today, as well as our neighbors of tomorrow. 

The first plan drafts were available for review and feedback from August 6 through October 31, 2018. The second public review period ran from January 7 to February 27, 2019. Nearly 2,700 of you offered feedback about the ideas in the drafts, via online and paper surveys and at office hours. We reviewed your feedback and updated the plans accordingly. City Council has now officially adopted Comprehensive Plan 2040, Blueprint Denver, and Game Plan for a Healthy City. 

See information about all the plans below. 



One plan brings together all the voices we heard in two years of asking Denverites all across our city, “What’s your vision for Denver?” Comprehensive Plan 2040 is the 20-year vision for Denver and its people, and reflects the voice of thousands who have shared their hopes, concerns and dreams for the future. City leaders will use its recommendations to guide the decisions that shape our city over the next 20 years, and its key concepts can be found in the four other, more detailed plans in the Denveright family.

Thousands of Denverites have let us know what’s important as Denver evolves over the next 20 years. Together, we want:

  1. A city that’s equitable, affordable and inclusive
  2. A Denver made up of strong and authentic neighborhoods….
  3. With connected, safe and accessible places that are easy to get to, no matter how we want to travel. 
  4. We want a community that is economically diverse and vibrant...
  5. While being environmentally resilient in the face of climate change. 
  6. And we want a healthy and active city with access to the types of amenities and experiences that make Denver uniquely Denver.

These are the six elements of the Comprehensive Plan 2040 vision, and they inform the long-term goals that will guide our future.

Learn more about Comprehensive Plan 2040

Blueprint Denver is a citywide land use and transportation plan for the next 20 years that calls for growing an inclusive city through: complete neighborhoods and complete transportation networks; a measured, common-sense approach to new growth; and for the first time, land-use decisions through the lens of social equity.

The Blueprint Denver update is a land use and transportation plan for growing an inclusive and authentic city. The plan is about:  

  • Creating complete neighborhoods and complete networks everywhere in our city, to meet the needs of all Denverites.
  • A measured, common-sense approach to where growth should go and how it should fit in.
  • For the first time, considering social equity factors so we can tailor solutions to each neighborhood’s unique needs -- so changes that occur benefit everyone. 

Learn more about Blueprint Denver

Game Plan for a Healthy City is a citywide and long-range parks and recreation plan helping the city respond to challenges including growth, limited water resources, and changes in our climate. The plan proclaims easy access to parks and open space as a basic right for all residents, and establishes our city’s parks, facilities and recreational programs as essential for a healthy environment, healthy residents, and a high quality of life for everyone.

The plan says parks and public spaces are vital elements of urban infrastructure, and recommends improving and propagating them and their associated programming in four key ways:

  • Make the parks system more resilient and environmentally sustainable. (“Every Drop.”)
  • Ensure equity in the distribution of parks and park resources and programming so that all residents have the opportunity to improve their personal health and well-being. (“Every Person.”)
  • Manage resources to ensure long term operational health of the parks system. (“Every Dollar.”)
  • Provide parks and programming that reflect Denver’s community and cultural identity. (“Uniquely Denver.”)

Learn more about Game Plan for a Healthy City


As Denver continues to grow, we must provide more reliable and safe mobility options to move more people where they need to go, and improve connections to key destinations and between neighborhoods. Denver Moves: Transit is Denver’s first-ever citywide transit vision to guide improving the quality of transit options in our city. In coordination with RTD and other key partners, we will make transit more reliable, more frequent, and more convenient for daily use. The plan:

  • Recommends near- and long-term investments in key corridors in Denver that will result in high-quality and more reliable transit.
  • Identifies a vision for a network of frequent transit service corridors, to provide service that arrives more often, throughout the day, every day.
  • Identifies first- and final-mile improvements including pedestrian and bike infrastructure and amenities to make it easier and safer for people to get to transit.
  • Promotes transit-supportive land use and development and instilling a “sense of place” at transit stations and stops in Denver.
  • Recommends continued support for affordable fare programs, fare payment technology that makes transit easier to use, and programs that promote and encourage the use of transit.  

Learn more about Denver Moves: Transit

Denver Moves: Pedestrians and Trails is a citywide plan for completing and improving sidewalks, street crossings and trails – the most essential elements of our transportation network. Denver will be improving connections near transit, as we strive to make walking and using a wheelchair safer and more comfortable in every corner of our city. It also includes exciting recommendations for enhancing our recreational trail network, including opportunities for new multi-use and singletrack trails.

  • It is a citywide plan for completing and improving sidewalks, street crossings and trails for anyone walking or using a wheelchair in our city.
  • Our sidewalk and trail network should be safe and comfortable for everyone, should allow people to access their daily needs with dignity, and should offer a variety of recreation options for healthy living.
  • The plan sets priorities for completing and enhancing the pedestrian and trail network, giving city officials clear direction for future public works projects and city programs.

Learn more about Denver Moves: Pedestrians & Trails


Next Steps

Following the public review process, three of the draft plans--Comprehensive Plan 2040, Blueprint Denver and Game Plan for a Healthy City--began the legislative review process, including public hearings with the Denver Parks and Recreation Board (Game Plan for a Healthy City only), the Denver Planning Board and City Council. Council officially adopted Comprehensive Plan 2040 and Blueprint Denver on April 22 and adopted Game Plan for a Healthy City on May 20. 


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