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Community Values and Vision Framework graphic introduction Graphic: What are community values? Definition: characteristics, aspirations, and moral attributes that the community cherishes and desires. Why should I care? They inform the vision, the backbone of the plan. Graphic: They values come from you: Public input, task force, think tank Graphic: The community values are: Access to amenities and service, access to opportunity, active and vibrant, affordable housing and transportation, engaged community, diverse employment options, diverse, friendly and open, business-friendly and entrepreneurial, environmental stewardship, equity, great parks and open spaces, safe and inviting, outdoor lifestyle with connection to the mountains, transportation choices, sense of history and cultural heritage, walkable, bikeable, accessible, and transit-friendly Graphic: How are the values used? All of the values inform the vision Graphic: What is a vision? Definition: How the community envisions the physical, economic, and social fabric of our city. Why should I care? Informs all four Denveright plans. Where does it come from? The community values and input from surveys and workshops. Graphic: The vision is made up of six vision elements, each with a set of supporting community values Graphic: Vision Element 1: Equitable, Affordable and Inclusive Graphic: Vision Element 2: Strong and Authentic Neighborhoods Graphic: Vision Element 3: Well Connected, Safe and Accessible Places Graphic: Vision Element 4: Economically Diverse and Vibrant Graphic: Vision Element 5: Environmentally Resilient Graphic: Vision Element 6: Healthy and Active Graphic: Summary of the vision for Denveright Graphic: So where are we going from here? Vision, Elements, Goals: Provide direction set expectations for what each plan can do to help achieve the vision, and establish a decision-making framework Graphic: Thank you for reviewing the community values and vision framework. So, what did you think? Share your voice below


Learn more about the workshops, surveys, task force and Think Tank that helped to inform the vision and values so far.