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The Denver Community Corrections Board will accept all referrals into the Denver Community Corrections Program by any State of Colorado court, the Colorado Department of Corrections, or the Division of Youth Corrections with the following exceptions:

  1. Persons charged with felony offense(s) who have not yet entered a plea or who have entered a “not guilty” plea and await trial or other judicial proceedings; except for those who have formally agreed to the terms of “deferred” prosecutions and/or judgement will remain eligible.
  2. Proposed diversion placements adjudicated in a Court other than the Second Judicial District Court. This includes persons referred by the Colorado Department of Corrections/Parole Board that are not  serving active sentences in the CDOC from either the 1st, 2nd , 17th, 18th, or  20thJudicial District.
  3. Persons referred directly to a non-residential community correctional program without first being placed in a residential system.
  4. Persons currently or previously convicted of any felony offense involving the use, possession, or threatened use of a deadly weapon within five years of the most recent conviction.
  5. Persons currently or previously convicted of any criminal offense, the underlying factual basis of which involved a sex-related criminal offense.
  6. Persons currently or previously convicted of felony involving child abuse.
  7. Person currently or previously convicted of arson or felony involving burning.
  8. Persons currently convicted of sale, dispensing or possession for sale, manufacturing of narcotics/dangerous drugs.
  9. Persons currently or previously convicted of any acts instrumental in causing serious bodily injury or death, or any present felony or offense involving domestic violence or intimidation of a withness.
  10. Persons assigned to Community Corrections by the Court after having previously absconded/escaped from a community correction facility or program within the preceding year.
  11. Persons previously convicted of felony escape from a correctional institution or correctional program within five years.
  12. Persons who have parole revoked within the preceding five years for the commission of a new crime, excluding all misdemeanors and city ordinance violations involving property crimes. There shall be no time limitation for parolees revoked for the commission of a new crime involving violent behavior or the use of a weapon.
  13. Persons convicted of a felony while on escape status, while on parole, or under correctional supervision (excluding probation supervision) within the preceding five years.
  14. Persons whose criminal history, correctional performance or treatment diagnosis demonstrate a history of violent behavior.

All individuals ineligible for placement into the Denver Community Corrections Program according to the criteria stated above, may be accepted for good cause through formal action of the Board.

About the Board

The Denver Community Corrections Board oversees the acceptance and rejection criteria for all prospective offenders to be placed in the Denver Community Corrections program. There are 21 members of the Board, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by ordinance. The Executive Director of Safety's Office provides oversight of the Board. 

Responsibilities of the Denver Community Corrections Board include:

  • Reviewing all matters relating to Community Corrections, and when appropriate adivsing the city government on actions to be taken.
  • Acting for the citizens of Denver to:
  1. Ensure the protection of the community
  2. Safeguard the rights of Denver residents
  3. Provide for the needs of offenders who will be supervised in our program
  • Acting as liaison for the City with other city agencies, state agencies, and private citizens with interests in Community Corrections.
  • Establishing policies and procedures governing the administration of the Denver Community Corrections program.
  • Establishing and enforcing criteria for  review, acceptance or rejection of offenders selected for placement in Denver Community Corrections programs.

The Board meets the on the third Wednesday of each month to review the eligibility of juvenile and adult clients who meeting any of the criteria for rejection and determine eligibility. Meetings occur at the same time and location each month.

Meeting Location
303 W. Colfax Ave, 11th Floor
Denver, CO 80204

Download the rules and regulations for Denver's Community Corrections Board.

Contact Us
Division of Community Corrections
303 West Colfax Avenue, Suite 1700
Denver, Colorado 80204   ( Get Directions)

Phone: (720) 913-8250

Greg Mauro, Director Community Corrections
Phone: (720) 913-8252

Mary Beth Wise, Operations Manager
Phone: (720) 913-8903