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Community Corrections Board


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The Denver Community Corrections Board oversees the acceptance and rejection criteria for all offenders considered for placement in the Denver Community Corrections Residential program.

The Board has 21 members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by council ordinance:

  • 10 represent criminal justice and human services departments
  • One represents Victim Services
  • Two have experience or expertise in criminal justice
  • Six are citizens of the City and County of Denver
  • One is a locally elected official
  • One is a representative of Denver Public Schools

Board responsibilities include reviewing all matters relating to Community Corrections and when appropriate, advising the city on actions to be taken.

The Board acts on behalf of the citizens of Denver to ensure the protection of the community and to safeguard the rights of residents, provide for the needs of offenders who will be supervised by Community Corrections, act as a liaison for Denver with other city and state agencies and establish policies and procedures that govern the administration of the program and criteria for acceptance into the program.

Mayoral Appointees Role Term Expiration
Patrick Firman Denver Sheriff 06/30/2019
Tutu Mulatu Denver Public Schools Representative 06/30/2019
Jane J. Prancan Citizen Representative 06/30/2019
Margaret Reiland Criminal Justice Representative 06/30/2019
David Johnson Division of Adult Parole 06/30/2020
Shawn Cohn Probation Officer 06/30/2020
Sylvia Sich Public Safety Representative 06/30/2020
Jay Flynn Citizen Representative 06/30/2021
Mike Anderson Criminal Justice 06/30/2021
Daniel Diaz Department of Safety Representative 06/30/2021
Michael Song District Attorney's Office 06/30/2021
Jason D. Romportl Denver Adult Probation 06/30/2021
Dana Niemla Denver Human Services 06/30/2021
Jorge Aleman Colorado Human Services 06/30/2021
Jason Anderson Victim Advocate Representative 06/30/2021
Deana Maes Probation Officer 06/30/2021
Demetria Trujillo Public Defender 06/30/2022
Sarah Chaikin Victim Advocate Representative 06/30/2022
Jim Martinez  Citizen Representative 06/30/2022
Paul Rosenthal Elected Official Representative 06/30/2022
Dianne L. Tramutola-Lawson Citizen Representative 06/30/2022

Greg Mauro

Enabling Authorization: CRS 17-27-103/Resolution No. 63 Series 1989

Board Meeting Schedule:

The Board meets on the third and fifth Wednesday (if applicable) of each month at 7:30 AM to review the eligibility of clients.

Board Meeting Location:

The meetings are located at 303 W. Colfax, 11th Floor, Denver, CO 80204.