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SMART911 – Be smart about your safety

Over 90% of calls made to 911 come from mobile phones. While mobile phones can be an important public safety tool, they can also create unique challenges for emergency responders. When you dial 911 from a mobile phone, the 911 call taker has very little information to help you – only your phone number and a very general sense of your location.

This does not bode well in an emergency when second count, particularly if you or your loved ones have medical conditions, or if there is a fire. Denver’s solution is Smart911.

Smart911 is a private, secure service that allows you to create a safety profile that provides 911 and emergency responders with important information you want them to know about yourself, your family members and pets, your home and your vehicles in any kind of emergency. The information you provide automatically displays on the 911 call taker’s screen when an emergency call is placed from a phone number connected to your profile. These details can save seconds or even minutes during an emergency.

When does Smart911 help?

  • When the address or location is unknown
    The Smart911 profile links your mobile phone to your home, work and school addresses. This arms emergency responders with information about who is calling and possible locations where you or your loved ones may be found. Including visual details on your locations such as access points, floor layouts or gate codes can also help facilitate a faster response or rescue.
  • When the caller cannot communicate
    There are times when you may not be able to communicate due to an allergic reaction, heart attack or home invasion. The Smart911 profile ensures your information is immediately available and that you are not the sole source of information. If a member of your household is deaf or hard of hearing, or English is not their primary language, dispatchers will also know immediately that an alternate form of communication is needed.
  • When there is a medical emergency
    The Smart911 profile provides emergency responders with important information about members of your household, including medical conditions, physical disabilities, allergies, and medications that may cause dangerous drug interactions during treatment. No matter where you or your loved ones are, you can have peace of mind that responders will know critical medical information and how to help before they even arrive.
  • When a member of your household goes missing
    The Smart911 profile allows you to add key information about members of your household, including their names, ages, a physical description and recent photos. You can also list who should be contacted in the event of an emergency, including family members, friends or neighbors.
  • When your vehicle is in an accident
    The Smart911 profile allows you to upload vehicle information for all members of your household. Having the description and license plate of your vehicle can quicken response in an accident, or if you need help while in your vehicle.

This website is for information only and cannot be used to request help. Please dial 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. 

Learn more about the 911 Communications Center.