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Services For People With Disabilities

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COVID-19: When to contact 9-1-1

Call 911 if you are:
  • Having difficulty breathing or are choking
  • Having an allergic reaction
  • Having symptoms of a heart attack or stroke
  • Are experiencing feelings of confusion, dizziness, or are disoriented
  • Having difficulty speaking, walking, or seeing
  • Have sudden severe pain
Do NOT call 911 if you:
  • Want information about COVID-19
  • Need a ride to the doctor's office
  • want to get tested
  • have mild symptoms

To learn more about our 9-1-1 Communications and to sign up for emergency information and notifications in Denver, visit and our emergency services for people with disabilities page.

You can also read more 9-1-1 guidance from the State of Colorado.

Denver 911 provides residents with disabilities numerous ways to communicate with 911, as well as a registry that helps ensure police provide appropriate response services during an emergency.


911 services for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Residents with Speech Disabilities

In addition to TTY services, deaf, hard of hearing, and residents with speech disabilities can now text or email Denver 911 to report an emergency and non-emergency situations occurring in Denver and around the metro area.

  • Text Message: (303) 513-6909
  • Text Message: (720) 491-0866
  • Text Message: (720) 723-8911
  • Email:

Be sure to text or email the following information:

  • The location where help is needed 
  • A summary of the situation
  • A response to the information requested by 911 such as injuries and suspect descriptions
  • Also, stay engaged in the text conversation as much as possible and do not delete the message or turn off your phone until the Denver 911 call taker concludes the conversation


TTY is an electronic device for text communication with individuals who are deaf. The device uses a series of tones that allow users to communicate via a keyboard and telephone interface at 911. Deaf and hard of hearing community members are encouraged to maintain a TTY machine to access 911 when a text pager or email is unavailable.

Denver's 911 call takers are trained on the use of the TTY and check all 911 hang-ups and “silent” phone calls or “open lines” using both voice and TTY commands to verify if a member of the deaf or hard of hearing community is on the line. 


Registry for Residents with Disabilities

You may now submit information about yourself or other members of your household who have disabilities in order to help 911

This form should not be used to report emergencies. If you have a current emergency, please call 911 immediately.