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SWIFT911 – Reaching the community in seconds

Swift911 is Denver’s high‐speed Emergency Notification System that alerts residents to emergency situations like police activity, severe storm warnings, road closures, water problems and evacuations that are occurring in their area.

How will I receive Swift911 alerts?
You decide how you want to be notified. Alerts can be received via telephone, mobile phone, email and text message. You can add multiple phone numbers and choose the order in which notifications are received – cell phone A 1st, cell phone B 2nd, land line 3rd<, etc.

How do I sign up for Swift911?
You can sign up via the Swift911 icon listed on Denver 911’s webpage, text Swift911 to 99538, or download the Swift911 Public mobile app. The Swift911 system will already have your land line telephone number if it is publicly listed, but you must sign up to receive alerts for private land line numbers, and for alerts you want sent via mobile phones, email or text. Once you register, you can log in at anytime to update your contact information, remove yourself from the notification list, or to sign up for other notifications that you may find useful.


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This website is for information only and cannot be used to request help. Please dial 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. 

Learn more about the 911 Communications Center.