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Denver Juvenile Services Center

The Denver Juvenile Services Center (DJSC) provides a central point of intake for at-risk and justice-involved youth. With separate secure and non-secure spaces, the juvenile service center has the capacity to provide juvenile intake, assessment, and intervention processes and services, as appropriate. 

Through a collaborative co-location of juvenile justice stakeholders, the juvenile service center is expected to increase effective system practices, reduce redundant practices, and increase timely and effective interventions that ensure public safety while improving outcomes for youth and families.

Available Services

The goal of the DJSC is to reduce system involvement and increase successful outcomes of youth by providing immediate and effective services based on the level of need for each individual coming through the DJSC. Depending on the level of risk and needs of a youth, the amount of services may range from basic screening with no referral for services to intensive case management and support services. The following are some of the services available at the DJSC:

  • Screening and assessment for:
  • Detention recommendations
  • Risks and needs
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Crisis response coordination
  • Intervention and treatment referrals
  • Supervision and case management

Juvenile System Overview

Denver County Juvenile Court (Courtroom 4F) hears violations of municipal ordinances and a limited number of state statutes involving youth between the ages of 10-17. Typical violations heard in the court include curfew, shoplifting, unlawful acts around schools and minor assaults. Courtroom 4F is designed as an early intervention court that focuses on low-level offenses with a primary goal of providing intervention services designed to reduce the probability of continued delinquent behavior and/or further involvement in the juvenile justice system.  

Denver Juvenile Court is a District Court specifically legislated in State Statue to address Juvenile Delinquency and Family Court Issues.  Family Court issues range from dependency and neglect petitions, paternity issues, custody, child protection, relinquishments and adoptions, support proceedings, and protections for youth in foster care.   Juvenile Delinquency cases address violations of Colorado State Statutes involving youth, who at the time of the commission of the alleged offense, were between the ages of 10-17. Typical violations heard before the Court can range from petty offenses and misdemeanors to all ranges of felony offenses.

Partner Agencies

The juvenile service center is supported through the partnership of the following agencies:

  • Denver Police Department*
  • Denver Municipal Court and Probation
  • Denver City Attorney’s Office
  • Denver Public Safety Youth Programs*
  • Denver District Juvenile Court and Probation
  • District Attorney’s Office/Juvenile Diversion Program
  • Division of Youth Corrections/SB94 Screening and Assessment Services*
  • Denver Collaborative Partnership*
  • Denver Department of Human Services*
  • Denver Public Schools*
  • Mental Health Center of Denver*
  • 2nd Judicial District Senate Bill 94
  • Denver District Juvenile Probation


* Indicates agencies who will be co-located in some capacity at the Juvenile Service Center. 


Contact Us

Pat Hedrick, DJSC Director
Phone: (720) 913-8980
Fax: (720) 913-9928

What do I do if my child runs away?

Call the Denver Police at 720-913-2000 to have an officer dispatched to you. While waiting for police to arrive, search your house, call friends and neighbors, and your child’s friends to see if they know where your child is. Find a recent photograph to give to the officer. Try to recall what your child was last wearing. Remain calm to provide the responding officer with as accurate and detailed information as possible.