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Department of Public Safety Youth Programs Micro-Grant


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Thank you for your interest in the City of Denver Youth Violence Prevention Micro-Grant funding opportunity. The application period is now closed.

If you submitted an application prior to 5pm on May 29, 2020, you should have received a reference number so please save this number. In addition to the reference number, you will also receive an email confirming receipt of your application by 5pm on June 3, 2020. The email will be sent to the point of contact listed on the application.

**We are currently reaching out to potential grantees to confirm the programming described in their proposals meets with current social distancing guidelines to ensure youth and staff safety. We anticipate being able to announce the YVP Micro Grant awardees in the next few days**

Contact the Micro-Grant Program


Grant Overview

In an effort to address concerns from residents, including youth, about youth violence, Mayor Michael B. Hancock convened the Youth Violence Prevention Action Table (YVPAT) with the purpose of aligning city efforts to enhance existing youth violence prevention strategies and identify additional strategies to reduce levels of youth violence. The YVPAT is following a public health approach to addressing youth violence and will submit a final report with a detailed set of deliverables and recommended strategies to Mayor Hancock and City Council by the end of 2020.

However, the City recognizes that this issue is impacting youth, families, and communities right now and waiting until a final report is released is not acceptable. Therefore, under the direction of Denver Public Safety Youth Programs, the City and County of Denver is releasing Micro-Grants to boost summer engagement services for youth. The release of the Micro-Grants is done in partnership with Denver Public Schools (DPS) which recently released the Application for Extra-Curricular, Well-Being, or Academic Opportunities for Students grant which will provide additional funding to schools to enhance/expand school-based services through the end of the 2019-20 school year.

Grant Details

Applications will be accepted from any not-for-profit community-based organization, DPS school, and/or individual (sole proprietor) who will provide direct services to Denver youth between the ages of 12-18. Services must be offered to families at no or minimal cost to families. 

Denver Public Safety Youth Programs reserves the right to terminate, modify, or suspend any or all parts of the Mini-Grant process and can reject any or all proposals at its sole discretion, and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in proposals received and to accept any portion or all items proposed if deemed in the best interest of the City and County of Denver.

Expenses for developing and application are entirely the responsibility of the applicant and the City shall not be liable in any manner for any costs incurred in connection with the preparation, submittal, or subsequent negotiation.

Use of Funds

Funds must be used to support direct program services for youth (12-18) during the summer months. Funding is intended to serve as a supplement, to increase or expand existing programs.

Program Specific Requirements

1. All programs must meet and maintain the Minimum Insurance Requirements 

2. All program staff, volunteers, and contractors providing services to youth through direct contact shall be required to have a criminal background check completed prior to delivering services. Results shall be available upon request to the City and County of Denver.

3. All programs must provide proof that its staff has participated in the State’s Mandatory Reporter Training.

4. Programs operating within a Denver Public School building must provide a letter of support from the school principal. If the applicant is proposing to serve multiple schools, a customized letter is needed from each school principal.

5. For each site, the program must track individual attendance for unduplicated youth using the name, date of birth, and address. Each site must also track the overall number of hours, days, and weeks the program is offered.

Program Monitoring

Grantees will receive and must submit a final report at the end of the program that documents goals accomplished as stated in the scope of work. All grantees will receive at least one site visit during the course of the program. The site visit will include program observation and may include compliance with Program Specific Requirements.

Post Award Requirements

  1. All grantees are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance that meets the City of Denver’s Minimum Insurance Requirements as indicated within two weeks of receiving award notification.
  2. All grantees must submit a final report for the program within 30 days based on the last day of the program. All reports must be submitted via email to
  3. Grantee staff may be required to meet with a city representative to debrief, share lessons learned about the grant process, and programmatic impact.

The purpose of the Micro-Grants is to increase access and participation in quality summer programs by investing in and supporting innovative programs that engage youth, increase connection to community and caring adults, and develop social and emotional skills. Examples of eligible programs include but are not limited to: individual/group mentoring, field trips, day camps, public awareness projects, and community/civic engagement projects.

Funds must be used to support direct program services for youth ages 12-18 during summer months (May 15 – August 31).

Funds must be used to supplement (not supplant, replace, or redirect) any Federal, State, and/or local funding currently provided for the program. Applicants currently receiving program funding from the City, must clearly state in the application how these funds will be used to enhance and/or expand current programming.

Funds can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to, additional staffing support, operational costs such as transportation, supplies and materials, field trips, food, and stipends for youth.

Funds can only be used for the purposed outlined in the grant application. All budgeted expenditures should be reasonable as applicant budget will be used as a scoring criteria for awarding funds. No more than 10 percent of the amount requested is allowed for indirect/administrative costs (e.g. insurance, background checks, etc.).

Funds cannot be used for “scholarships”.

Funds cannot be used to make large capital purchases such as computers or vehicles to be used to transport participants.

Funds cannot be used to provide scholarships

Funds cannot be used to support religious practices such as religious instruction, worship, or prayer. Faith-based organizations may offer such practices, but at a separate time and location as the program applying for funding.

Additionally, all program staff with direct contact to youth no matter how frequent, must complete a background check prior to the start of the program. If applicant has completed background checks on program staff within the past calendar year based on the anticipated start date of the program, applicant may provide proof that staff have completed and passed the background check. Applicants needing assistance completing required background checks may request assistance from the Denver City Attorney’s Office.

Applicants must meet and maintain Minimum Insurance Requirements and secure, at their own expense, a current Certificate of Insurance (ACORD) showing required coverage prior to the start of the program.

Minimum insurance requirements are as follows:

  • Commercial General Liability - No exclusions for sexual abuse or molestation • $1,000,000 occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate
  • Worker's Compensation • $100,000 occurrence/$500,000 aggregate
  • Business Auto • $1,000,000 combined
  • Cyber Liability w/personal information & data protection language • $1,000,000 occurrence & aggregate

Grantees will receive and must submit a final report at the end of the program that documents goals accomplished as stated in the scope of work. All grantees will receive at least one site visit during the course of the program. The site visit will include program observation and may include compliance with Program Specific Requirements.