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Employee Parking and Transportation Center

Get details on parking in the Wellington E. Webb and Minoru Yasui office buildings, as well as other parking options downtown.
Get information on carpooling, bicycling, or taking RTD transit to work instead of driving.
Learn how to rent a City vehicle while conducting City business.


OCB Tag Holders

Parking reminder for 'OCB' tag holders and city fleet drivers:

On street parking around City facilities is for citizens needing to access the buildings. Therefore, it is important that Denver city fleet vehicles and those with ‘official city business’ (OCB) parking tags use approved spaces outside the city building areas (Webb, City & County Building, Minoru Yasui Building, Elections/Environmental Health, Justice Center). 

Additionally, outside of these restriction areas, city fleet vehicles are permitted to park only for the posted time permitted on the sign or meter.  

Those violating the parking restrictions can be cited for parking illegally.  Any citations issued are the responsibility of the driver. 

Please view attached map for prohibited parking areas for city fleet vehicles and OCB tag users.