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The goal of the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is to promote healthy communities by protecting Denver’s environment, enhancing sustainability, providing essential public health services and advancing the well-being of the city’s pets.

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Healthy People

DEH works to improve health and well being through the Office of HIV Resources, Office of the Medical Examiner, Community Health Improvement Plan and partnerships with the Denver Health and Hospital Authority.

Healthy Places

DEH provides education, outreach and inspections to help ensure healthy places. This includes monitoring more than 4,000 food retailers, and 700 child care establishments. DEH also responds to and investigates complaints regarding hospitals, body art establishments, residential facilities, swimming pools and suspected public health outbreaks.

Healthy Environment

DEH provides education, outreach, and programs designed to protect and improve the environment. This includes regular inspections and complaint responses related to air quality, water, noise, odor, hazardous waste, lead and other environmental matters.

Healthy Pets

Through Animal Care and Control, DEH offers education and services to help ensure healthy people and pets. This includes pet adoptions, redemption,vaccinations, spay and neuter services, and pet licenses.

ACC also investigates complaints regarding lost and abandoned animal, cruelty, barking dogs, animals at large, dog bites and other issues related to domestic animals.

Healthy Planet

Through the Climate Action Plan, Denver Energy Challenge, and other programs DEH works with others to conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gasses and promote sustainability.


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