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Baker and East Colfax/East Montclair join Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

Denver Environmental Health’s Sustainable Neighborhood Program is excited to announce the selection of Baker and East Colfax/East Montclair neighborhoods to the program. This addition increases participating neighborhoods to eight, joining Barnum, Chaffee Park-Regis, North City Park, Villa Park, West Colfax and Green Valley Ranch.  

Baker will focus on a variety of sustainability initiatives to engage residents and businesses, including:

  • Create reference materials and utilize existing programs to help residents save energy, reduce air pollution, conserve water and reduce waste
  • Increase recycling and create a waste collections calendar  
  • Organize workshops and events for residents concentrating on home sustainability
  • Create a green business directory and provide resources for businesses to become more sustainable

East Colfax/East Montclair will focus on sustainability projects aimed at creating a safe and vibrant community, including:

  • Propose more bike lanes be added on major streets
  • Organize neighborhood bike rides and develop a carpool network
  • Coordinate workshops encouraging residents to incorporate native plant landscaping and gardening
  • Encourage recycling, electronic waste recycling and proper disposal of paint
  • Educate the community about solar energy and research options for partnering on a solar garden

The Sustainable Neighborhoods program helps residents increase and strengthen their sustainability efforts by providing support and recognition from the City. Participating neighborhoods receive in-kind support in the form of outreach materials, printing, venue fees, food, and staff time to assist with outreach and project development.

Applications are solicited twice a year from registered neighborhood organizations, up to two are chosen each round. Applying neighborhoods are evaluated based on their ability to implement a variety of projects tied to the program’s five focus areas: Air, Land, Energy, Water and People.

“We had five strong applications this fall, and while we could only accept two this round, it is very exciting to see that Denver’s neighborhoods are taking the initiative to make sustainability a priority,” said Program Administrator Julie Saporito.

Participating Sustainable Neighborhoods earn credits for achieving sustainability goals by completing projects such as offering xeriscaping workshops, holding work days at a local community garden, installing artwork in neighborhood alleys, or encouraging neighbors to commit to making their homes more energy efficient.  Depending on the number of credits earned in a given year, neighborhoods can be designated as a “Participating Sustainable Neighborhood” or an “Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhood.” For the first time since its beginning, the program will install three neighborhood signs designating West Colfax, Chaffee Park-Regis and North City Park as Outstanding this fall.

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