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Denver Partners with Solar Benefits Colorado to Help Residents Invest in Clean, Renewable Energy

The City & County of Denver today joined Solar Benefits Colorado in launching a community discount program that will make it easier and more affordable for residents of Denver, Adams and Boulder Counties, to invest in clean, renewable energy.

Solar Benefits Colorado is offering a group discount for residents who purchase a home solar system, or buy or lease a Nissan Leaf through a bulk-buying program. Discounts are determined by the number of participants registered by the deadline. Those interested in must register by Oct. 31.

The newly launched program builds on the success of a 2013-14 Solar Benefits Colorado pilot that helped Front Range residents purchase solar energy systems, converting more than a megawatt to clean, renewable energy in just four months. This is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of over 200 homes, while providing an annual combined savings of more than $150,000.  The 2015 Solar Benefits Program includes an expanded group buy discount for the purchase or lease of an all-electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf.

“Many of our employees and residents want to save money, and -improve air quality with electric vehicles and solar but may have questions or are daunted by the purchasing process. Solar Benefits Colorado is a great opportunity for Front Range families to explore whether either option is right for their household. Denver is excited to be part of this innovative communitywide program,” says Gregg Thomas, Director of Environmental Quality in the Denver Department of Environmental Health.

The 2015 program offer is available for residents in Boulder, Adams and Denver County, and all City & County of Denver employees.

Solar Installation

Those interested in the program will receive a free evaluation to determine if their home is suitable for solar. Homeowners will then work with a local solar installer, Sunrun, who was selected by the program’s community evaluation committee. Compounding multiple customer installations under one umbrella – Solar Benefits Colorado – allows Sunrun to offer discounted, “bulk” pricing and an added incentive. To take advantage of the volume discount, participants must register by October 31 and sign a contract with Sunrun by November 6, 2015. Residents can request their home evaluation on the Solar Benefits Colorado website.

Electric Vehicle Purchase or Lease

Boulder Nissan was selected as the primary dealer to offer volume discounts for the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle. To take advantage of discounted pricing for the Nissan Leaf, participants must obtain a promotional code by registering on the program website and taking it to Boulder Nissan by October 31.

“Solar Benefits Colorado is helping these communities build awareness, lower solar costs, and lead on climate action in one fell swoop. We are proud to be working with these cities to help their residents build a resilient energy system and improve air quality and human health one rooftop or car at a time,” said Jessie Denver program administrator with the nonprofit organization Vote Solar.

Denver’s Environmental Health is administering this offer for Denver residents and employees of the City and County of Denver. Denver residents may also contact the Denver Energy Challenge for additional guidance in reviewing their solar bids for this offer. Visit or call 720-865-5520 for no-cost energy advising offering through this City program.

For more information and to participate, visit