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Advisory: The Growing Kitchen Issues Recall of Mary Mint Tincture

The Growing Kitchen of Boulder, Colorado is voluntarily recalling its Mary Mint Tincture due to a lack of temperature control during the manufacturing and distribution processes. The Denver Department of Environmental Health, Public Health Inspections Division (PHI) is issuing a food safety advisory to consumers and retailers regarding Mary Mint Tincture, which is sold as a breath spray.

The advisory is due to concerns regarding the manufacturing process, and lack of temperature controls in place to prevent bacteria growth.

There have been no reports of illness at this time. This recall has been issued as part of a food safety inspection. PHI does not regulate THC content of edibles.

Recalled products should be removed from retail shelves and destroyed. Consumers who have purchased Mary Mint Tincture should dispose of any remaining product. Consumers can find the Denver retail locations where Mary Mint Tincture has been sold here. The manufacturer has initiated a statewide recall.

Mary Mint Tincture is manufactured by The Growing Kitchen, located in Boulder.

To view inspection reports of all of Denver’s regulated food establishments, including infused manufacturers, Follow PHI on Facebook at Denver Public Health Inspections for updates.

For more information or questions, contact the Denver Department of Environmental Health at or 720-913-1311.