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Denver reminds residents of open burning ban to protect air quality

Ban restricting solid fuel devices burning devices includes popular decorative chimineas

As cooler weather arrives in Denver, Denver Environmental Health and Denver Fire Department would like to remind residents about Denver’s open burning ban, which restricts the use of any solid fuel, including fire-logs, coal, wood, and the use of portable fire pits and chimineas. 

While local garden and home improvement stores often carry fire pits and chinineas, these units emit significant pollutants, including particulate matter and dioxin, and can be even more harmful to those in the immediate vicinity through the direct inhalation of toxins.

Children are especially vulnerable, as their respiratory systems are still developing and they breathe more air and air pollution per pound of body weight than adults.

Wood burning also contributes to the brown cloud, particulates, carbon monoxide and additional hazardous air pollutants.

Denver’s open burning ordinance is intended to protect safety, air quality and quality of life in Denver, as smoke is a significant public nuisance to neighbors.  

Open burn ordinance violations can result in up to a $2,000 fine.

For more information about Denver’s open burn ordinance, visit here