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La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary Voluntarily Recalls Medical Marijuana and Products Due to Pesticide Residues

A Denver marijuana cultivation business Colorado’s Best Inc., doing business as La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary, is voluntarily recalling medical marijuana and products due to the presence of potentially unsafe pesticide residues.

Samples of marijuana and the marijuana concentrate used as an ingredient in a variety of infused products contained residual levels of Myclobutanil, Spinosyn, Spiromesifin, and/or Imidacloprid, pesticides that the Colorado Department of Agriculture has determined cannot be used legally on marijuana in Colorado.

The recall affects 524 individual units of 16 different medical edibles, one oil used for smoking, and three strains of medical marijuana.  The marijuana-infused products subject to the recall were sold at La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary, located at 5194 Washington St., from August 2015 through July 2016.  Each product bears a label that lists both business names of La Conte’s and Epic Extracts, an OPC License # of 403-00160 and a MIP License # of 404-00369. Specific 4-digit batch numbers for each product are located on a small white sticker on each package.  Marijuana products subject to the recall are:

Product Name

Batch Numbers

O Giesel Fruit Chews, green apple


O Giesel Fruit Chews, pink lemonade

2533, 2605

O Giesel Fruit Chews, fruit punch


O Giesel Gum Drops, red berry

1810, 2457, 2530, 2589

Amnesia Fruit Chews, fruit punch

1820, 2475

Amnesia Fruit Chews, green apple


Amnesia Fruit Chews, pink lemonade


Chem Skunk Gum Drops, orange


Chem Skunk Fruit Chews, green apple


OG Tange Fruit Chews, green apple

2098, 2911

OG Tange Fruit Chews, pink lemonade

2099, 2912

OG Tange Fruit Chews, fruit punch


Ghost Train Haze Fruit Chews, fruit punch

2818, 2819

Ghost Train Haze Fruit Chews, pink lemonade


Ghost Train Haze Gum Drops, red berry


Honey Banana Gum Drops, orange


BHO/CBD-O syringes



Marijuana subject to the recall includes the strain names of Permafrost, Tange, and Banana, and were sold at the same location, from September 2015 through November 2015.

Consumers who have these recalled products should dispose of the products or return them to the store from which they were purchased. For more information about returns, La Conte’s can be reached at 303-292-2252.

There have been no reports of illness. The possible health impact of consuming marijuana products with unapproved pesticide residues is unknown. Short- and long-term health impacts may exist depending on the specific product, duration, frequency, level of exposure, and route of exposure. Consumers with concerns about their personal health should contact their physician with related questions.

The Denver Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is investigating this issue and overseeing the recall process to remove potentially contaminated product from commerce. DEH conducts inspections of marijuana-infused product manufacturers and retail locations in Denver and investigates related complaints.  

Consumers with questions or concerns about recalled product or pesticide residues in marijuana products are encouraged to contact the product retailer and/or the DEH Public Health Inspections division at or 720-913-1311.