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Welcome to the Office of Health Equity


Health Equity



Welcome to the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment’s Health Equity Home Page.  We are very excited about the launch of this site, which will serve as an asset to partners within DDPHE, other City departments and agencies, and throughout Denver and the region.  Over the next few months the site will expand with additional information about health equity, articles about how health equity shows up in the work of DDPHE and its partners, tools and resources, and data.  Please continue to visit our site to see these updates.

The Office of Health Equity is part of the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE). The Office works collaboratively with DDPHE divisions and all Denver departments and agencies to advance health equity as a priority in City policy, planning and the provision of services through health equity trainings and information, technical assistance and data.

“Good health is a fundamental value shared by everyone who lives, works and plays in our city.  As those on the frontline of public health in Denver, the Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) has adopted health equity as a guiding principle.  Achieving health equity requires us to reduce barriers to good health, including lack of access to housing, education, economic opportunity, healthy food, good environmental quality, and mobility.  The staff of the Office of Health Equity and DDPHE are committed to working with our partners in city government and the community to help Denver achieve its health equity goal: a city in which everyone thrives and has opportunities to be as healthy as possible regardless of race, ability, gender identity and sexual orientation, or age.”

—Bob McDonald, Executive Director and Public Health Administrator

How We Define Health Equity

Equity is when everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from has the opportunity to thrive.1

Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.2

Health equity practice intentionally supports policies, delivers public services and allocates resources to advance health equity and eliminate institutional biases and barriers.

We recognize that persistent institutional biases and barriers create obstacles to health including lack of economic security, adequate housing, quality education, reliable mobility and healthy living opportunities.  As a city, we advance equity for everyone within Denver’s communities by prioritizing the needs of individuals and families in a manner that reduces or eliminates biases and barriers based on race, ability, gender identity and sexual orientation, age and other factors to ensure everyone can live the healthiest possible lives.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
2 Metro Denver Partnership for Health

Our Mission and Roles

The Office of Health Equity works to align activities and investments, advise program level efforts, and advocate for policies and practices across the City and County of Denver that advance the strategic goal of ensuring everyone benefits from the best possible health. 

Align: Foster collaboration among teams in DDPHE and other City departments to enhance communication and partnerships that incorporate and advance health equity.

Advise: Support and inform activities that advance health equity through information, logistics assistance, training, data, etc.

Advocate: Intercede with management and senior staff in DDPHE and other City departments, agencies and offices to support projects, programs and policies that advance health equity.  Work with staff and management in DDPHE and other departments to adopt authentic, intentional and effective community participation strategies. 

What We Do - Advancing the Key Elements of Health Equity Practice

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Increase understanding of health equity and develop a common language about health equity within DDPHE, in other departments and among other partners/stakeholders. 



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Work with other divisions, departments and agencies in DDPHE and across the City to integrate health equity and advance work by providing technical assistance in program areas.



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Identify opportunities to integrate community in projects/programs that advance health equity through intentional and authentic partnerships with communities. 



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Work with City staff, external partners and community members to identify, verify and provide access to data that supports geographic focus, prioritization of services and investments, and evaluating the effectiveness of programs and policies over time.




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