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Getting Started with Safe Routes to School

girl walking to school 

Health and safety are key benefits of Safe Routes to School.  Studies have shown that the community benefits from Safe Routes to School initiatives include:

  • Safer students: Improved traffic safety and increased confidence for students through opportunities to learn about and practice road safety.
  • Healthier students: Increased daily physical activity, forming healthy habits that can last a lifetime, helping students build strong bones, muscles and joints, and decreasing the risk of chronic disease and obesity.
  • Better focus: Students who are ready to learn, who are healthy, awake and alert, with better focus and concentration, which can improve academic performance.
  • School transportation improvements: Solutions to school transportation issues such as hazardous traffic congestion during pick-up/drop-off times, and student absences and tardiness due to transportation challenges.
  • Community connections: Increased family and community engagement, providing positive social opportunities for students and families.
  • Healthier environment: Reduced idling times during drop off and pick up, combined with more carpooling, walking, and/or biking to school results in cleaner air and reduced asthma rates.

First: Enroll your school in the City and County of Denver Safe Routes to Schools program!

This informs us of your school's interest and commitment to safe routes opportunities and provides your school access to our free services and activities that we provide to support your school’s efforts to promote healthy and safe travel to school. Getting started is easy — simply fill out the form below to get started.


Next: Learn about Safe Routes to School programming options.

After you enroll, someone on the Safe Routes to School team will contact you to schedule a brief call or in person visit to learn more about your school community needs related to Safe Routes to School. If you are eager to get started before we meet, visit our Toolkit page to learn about programming options you can implement right away. Our toolkit is just starting and will grow with more programming instruction, so come back if you don't see what you need right away. Or let us know if there is something specific you'd like to see added to our toolkit menu.