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Certifiably Green Denver

Certifiably Green Denver provides free, confidential, non-regulatory environmental assistance to Denver’s business community. The program helps your business find opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability while minimizing environmental liability through pollution prevention. Sustainability advisers are provided at no cost and begin by visiting your business to complete a comprehensive assessment identifying ways to conserve.



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Green Business of the Month: Let Em Have it Salon

Let Em Have it Salon has made social and environmental responsibility a priority since their founding in  2013. In addition to earning Certifiably Green Denver certification in 2014, Let Em Have recently became the first certified Green Circle Salon in Colorado.

Their green practices include:

  • Installing LED lighting throughout the salon
  • Using only ammonia-free hair color
  • Utilizing a green cleaning service
  • Implementing an exceptional recycling program that includes not only typical items, but salon-specific wastes like used foils, color tubes and blowdryers.


About Green Business of the Month: Each month, certified green businesses have the opportunity to be honored as the Green Business of the Month by telling CGD about their ongoing green activities and new projects. CGD selects the Green Business of the Month by evaluating which projects are most impactful, unique, and engaging. The chosen business will recognized on our website, Facebook page and presented with a certificate. Get in touch with your advisor or email us to tell us about your recent projects!

Sustainability advisors at the City are provided at no-cost to Denver business owners.
Step 1 - Schedule a walk through assessment of your business with one of our advisors. Call 720-865-5457

Step 2 - After the assessment is complete, your adviser will work with you to prioritize and implement practices that benefit your business. Program advisers are available to provide assistance whether you are interested in single measures or overall certification.

Don't see your business on the list below? Don't worry. We provide custom certifications and are always looking to certify new business sectors.

Fire on the Mountain (Case Study PDF) - Restaurant
Wynkoop Dental (Case Study PDF) - Dental Office
Snooze (Case Study PDF) -Restaurant
Headlines Salon (Case Study PDF) - Salon
Green Garage (Case Study PDF) - Auto Shop
Postmodern (Case Study PDF) - Energy Loans
Hooked on Colfax (Case Study PDF) -Restaurant/Cafe

The City and County of Denver does not endorse or recommend any third party product, or service.

Click on the appropriate link below to download a PDF with information on Certification Programs for the following business types:

Restaurant Resources
Waste Management - Waste Reduction
Waste Management - Composting
Waste Management - Grease and Cooking Oil
Resource Management - Recycled Paper
Resource Management - Recycling
Resource Management - Fluorescent Lamps
Resource Management - Lighting Retrofit Guide
Preventative Maintenance - Kitchen Equipment
Water Conservation
Water Conservation - Commercial Bathrooms
Water Conservation - Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
Water Conservation - Water On Request Signage
Stormwater Protection
Stormwater Protection - Pressure Washing Service Agreement
Other - Anti-idling
Other - Cleaning Products
Other - Purchasing Choices
Other - Noise

Auto Repair Resources
Resource Management - Direct Mail
Resource Management - Fluorescent Lamps
Resource Management - LED Exit Sign
Resource Management - Recycled Paper
Resource Management - Recycling
Vehicle Repair - Aqueous Cleaner
Vehicle Repair - Brake Cleaner
Vehicle Repair - Used Oil
Vehicle Repair - Vendor List
Vehicle Repair - Waste Tires
Other - Cleaning Products
Other - Stormwater Protection
Other - Spill Prevention and Response

Office/Retail Resources
Certifiably Green Denver Checklist
Energy Conservation - Power Strips
Resource Management - Recycled Paper
Resource Management - Fluorescent Lamps
Resource Management - Lighting Retrofit Guide
Resource Management - Recycling
Preventative Maintenance - Kitchen Equipment
Stormwater Protection
Stormwater Protection - De-icer
Waste Management - Zero Waste Assessment
Other - Anti-idling Policy
Other - Cleaning Products
Other - Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy

Through Certifiably Green Denver, the City and County of Denver offers low-cost energy loans for Denver's business community.
If you're planning to implement energy projects, but lack the upfront capital, your Sustainability Adviser through Certifiably Green Denver can help you determine if a low-cost energy loan through the program is right for you.

What is the Loan Process Like?

  1. You must own a business in the City or County of Denver. These loans also available in Boulder County through the EnergySmart program.
  2. You may obtain pre-approval by applying for an Energy Loan - contact us for details or call
  3. Once your application is approved, a loan officer will work with you on next steps.
  4. Now you are ready to start working with your Contractor on your energy projects!
  5. Our Energy Loans were created specifically for this program and are managed by Elevations Credit Union. 

Certified Green Businesses & Locations

Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop 
Denver Police Department Fleet Maintenance
Mancinellis Auto Repair

Certified Green Business Map

Below is a Map of Certified Green Business Partners. Don't see your favorite shop or hangout on the list? Have them contact a free Sustainability Advisor and we'll help them get started at 720-865-5457.

Click here to view full map in Google.