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Environmental Capital Fund

The Environmental Capital Fund (ECF) is administered by the Environmental Quality Division and is intended to foster environmental sustainability projects or programs in the City and County of Denver. 

Who Can Apply?
City agencies of the City and County of Denver only.

For more information about the ECF contact: 

About the ECF

  • Infrastructure investments (e.g., bike/pedestrian improvements, waste management upgrades, water quality improvements, vehicle technology, green infrastructure, etc.)
  • Community-, neighborhood- or business-focused projects related to environment and community livability
  • Tools to enhance City work (e.g., data tools, resource guides, checklists, etc.)
  • Research, studies or reports related to scans, best practices, analysis, data collection, etc.
  • Planning efforts and studies



Walkable Denver "Green vs. Gray"

Public Works 

Creation of best practices manual for building sidewalks near trees. 


Driving Adoption Electric Vehicles 

Public Works
General Services 

Installation of electrical panels and 2 charging stations in the Webb Municipal Building. Also, lease 2 electric vehicles.


Bike Corral Parking 

Public Works 

Installation of 2-3 bike corrals in Denver. 


Resource Conservation

 $16,000  Parks Waste Management Improvements   Parks & Rec   Purchase of Big Belly Solar Bins and recycling barrels for use in 6 parks. 
 $16,760  Sustainable Procurement Intern  General Services   1/2 time intern to research and document environmental preferable purchasing practices. 
 $85,166  Registered Haulers Licensing Program   Public Works  Investigate options for enhancing the commercial trash and recycling efforts in Denver. 
 $18,500  Denver Recycles - School Recycling   Public Works   Understand lessons learned from existing DPS recycling program and expand to other schools. 


Land Use/Community Development

 $20,000  Regional Green Infrastructure Enhancements Study  Community Planning and Development   Study the potential of regional green infrastructure to solve drainage issues in the Park Hill Basin. 
 $225,000 21st St. Green Infrastructure Implementation  Public Works   Design and partial construction of a 3 block "green" street near Coors Field (e.g., stormwater mgmt., biking, walking, etc. 
 $20,000 Elyria-Swansea Housing Replacement & Viability Study  Office of Economic Development   Explore the environmental and economic benefits related to restoring housing units in Elyria and Swansea impacted by I-70 projects. 
 $40,000  40th and Colorado Station Area Planning  Community Planning and Development  Conduct an infrastructure investment study, market analysis and development feasibility support to provide recommendations for the 40th & Colorado Station Area plan.


Air Quality

 $20,500  Addressing Odors in North Denver   Environmental Quality   Research solutions to odor issues that could adversely impact quality of life and health in mixed use residential/industrial areas. 
 $70,000  Air Quality Monitoring   Multi-Agency   Investigate options for improving air quality monitoring. 







Water Quality


 $100,000 Water Quality Pilot in Parks   Parks & Rec  Identify stormwater strategies, design guidelines and maintenance for 3 parks.
 $44,000  E coli Mixing Study  Environmental Quality  Conduct an infrastructure investment study, market analysis and development feasibility support to provide recommendations for the 40th & Colorado Station Area plan.
 $50,000  Stormwater Management Framwork  Parks & Rec  Develop policies and design guidelines for stormwater management facilities within City parks.


Consists of representatives from DDPHE, General Services, Budget Management, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and Community Planning and Development, who meet twice per year to review project proposals and allocate available funds.

Funding Cycle: Twice per year in the Spring and Fall

Threshold Factors (Quantitative)
Environmental Protection  

  • Does the project contribute to reducing pollution to air, land and water?
  • Does the project conserve resources?
  • Does the project reduce/minimize the City’s long-term environmental liability?
  • Does this project improve ecosystem functions or processes related to land, water, and/or air?
  • Does the project reduce carbon emissions
  • Does the project prepare the city for a changing climate?

Balancing Factors (Qualitative)

  1. Community livability (e.g., does the project contribute to making Denver more livable? Does the project contribute to improving the health of Denver’s residents?)
  2. Economic improvement and stability (e.g., does the project help Denver’s businesses reduce energy, waste and water?  Does the project contribute to the short and/or long-term economic improvement of Denver?)
  3. Project management
  • Does the project fit into City goals?
  • Does the project have clear benefits/results/outcomes for the City?
  • Does the project have a return on investment?


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