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Facts and Figures

Here you will find data and reports that show you just what Environmental Quality does to help keep Denver beautiful and healthy. Check back often for updates and new findings.

Environmental Quality responds to hundreds of environmental complaints each year regarding land, air and water quality concerns. EQ responded to 618 environmental complaints in 2013.

While Greenhouse Gas (GHG) projects indicate Denver is showing progress in GHG reductions, additional efforts are still needed. The primary GHG strategies currently being implemented include introducing more renewable energy into Xcel Energy's electricity generation portfolio and converting coal fired generating units to natural gas which results in 40-50 percent less carbon dioxide emissions. 

The orange dotted line shows revised GHG projections upon full implementation of these strategies. These strategies will also drastically reduce other harmful air pollutants.

This graph shows GHG emissions by sector, which identifies vehicle emissions, residential and commercial energy use as the top sources of Denver's GHG emissions. Energy Efficiency Programs like the Denver Energy Challenge, Certifiably Green Denver and the Denver City Energy Project are designed to help residents and businesses reduce emissions in Denver's largest GHG sectors.