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Denver Marijuana Businesses Voluntarily Recall Marijuana for Presence of Yeast/Mold

Denver marijuana businesses, Altitude East and Altitude West, are voluntarily recalling retail marijuana plant material and pre-rolls (joints, blunts, etc.) because of elevated yeast and/or mold counts. Altitude East is licensed under the LLC Treatments Unlimited and Altitude West is licensed under the LLC Mile High Therapeutic Network. 

During a Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) investigation, samples of dried marijuana were evaluated and contained potentially unsafe levels of yeast/mold. All retail marijuana plant material or retail marijuana products bearing the OPC codes 403R-00029 and 403R-00012 sold from three stores located in the Denver-metro area prior to January 9, 2020 are subject to the recall.

Products Identified:

OPC Code on Label

Marijuana plant material products (flower, shake, trim, pre-rolls, etc.) purchased prior to 1/9/20

403R-00029 and 403R-00012

Locations: The recalled marijuana plant material was sold at the following three stores:

Store Name:

Store Address:

Altitude East

6858 E. Evans Ave. Denver

Altitude West

1568 S. Federal Blvd. Denver

Altitude The Dispensary

10455 E. Colfax Ave. Aurora

Consumers or businesses who have these recalled products should dispose of them or return them to the store from where they were purchased. For more information about the recall, contact Altitude East or Altitude West at:

DDPHE opened an investigation after identifying multiple samples of marijuana plant material that had failed total yeast and mold testing from multiple retail store and cultivation locations. Short- and long-term health impacts resulting from inhaling mold/yeast may exist depending on the specific product, duration, frequency, and level of exposure. Consumers with concerns about their personal health should contact their physician with related questions. Any consumers who experienced symptoms of illness after smoking, vaping, or other consumption method of plant material purchased from the above listed retail stores are also urged to contact DDPHE at:

DDPHE is investigating this issue and overseeing the recall process to remove potentially contaminated products from commercial circulation. DDPHE conducts inspections of marijuana businesses in Denver and investigates related complaints.  

Consumers with questions or concerns about recalled marijuana products are encouraged to contact the product retailer and/or DDPHE, Public Health Investigations Division at or 720-913-1311